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Wednesday, January 22, 2020

How to Keep Your House Clean When You Have Pets

Like kids, pets can create messes in your home.  Learn how to keep your house clean when you have pets.

As all pet owners know, taking care of a pet means a lot more cleaning. Whether you have to deal with fur getting on everything, or trying to house break an animal, keeping pets can lead to a lot of cleaning.

How to keep your house clean with pets.  Get ticks and hacks for a tidy home with dogs and cats. Get solutions for upholstery cleaning, how to get rid of pet odors, removing hair, and cleaning floors and carpets. We love our pets, but they can make big messes!  Keep your home clean with these life hacks for pet owners. #homemaking #pets #dogs #cats

We have four pets inside the house, two dogs and two cats.  My cats are pretty low maintenance.  The kids brush them two or three times week, but they don't require much extra care.  Carly is bad about knocking things off of counters and making messes though.

Nacho doesn't shed much.  He's always on a leash outside, so he doesn't get too dirty or muddy.  He's a small chihuahua, so he doesn't make much of a mess.

But the rottweiler shepherd mix Dolphie...he makes a mess!  He sheds like a shepherd.  We call them little rottweiler puppies because he leaves clumps of fur that likes to collect under furniture and against walls.

To help ease your workload and give you more time to spend with your pet, here are some tips to keep your house clean with pets.

How to Keep Your House Clean When You Have Pets

Wash Bedding Frequently

As all pet owners know, pet fur tends to get on everything. Our furry friends love to give us a part of them both metaphorically, and in this instance, physically.

It may not be the best practice to let your pets sleep in the same bed as you, especially if you have allergies or asthma.  Dolphie sleeps on his own bed, but Nacho sleeps with me.  My son's cat Chloe sleeps with him, too.

It is important to wash both your and your pets bedding regularly. Not only will this cut down on the amount of dirt and fur onto your bed that we breathe in at night, but it will also help to eliminate the spread of dust in the home.

Along with bedding, be sure to wash your pets toys and belongings often, as they can collect dirt, fur, and grime.

I've been thinking about getting pet hair remover balls for the washing machine.  If any of you use them, let me know how they work.

Learn more about how to reduce dust in your home.

Establish Cleaning Schedules

Establishing cleaning routines can severely cut down on the amount of work you have to, because you'll stay on top of the chores before they become a problem. When creating your routine, be sure to focus on the needs of your home.

For example, if pet hair is the main problem in your home, be sure to make a point to vacuum furniture and wash bedding regularly.

Invest in a Good Pet Bed

If your pet sleeps in their own bed, be sure to invest in a comfortable, yet easy to clean, option. Buying a waterproof and easy to wipe down bed over some of the more intricate options can cut down on your work later.

Dolphie has a very large bed that doesn't have a removable cover.  It's quite thick and comfy for him, so I throw a blanket over it for him.  I'd like to eventually make a removable cover for it.

Nacho is tiny, so his entire bed can go in the washer and hang to dry.

Groom Often

If pet fur is a major problem in the home, you may not be brushing them enough. Be sure to brush your animal regularly, depending on the amount of fur your pet sheds.

Additionally, be sure to brush them in an easy to clean area if possible, such as a room with tile floor, to cut back on the amount of fur that gets into the home.

I brush my dogs outside on the patio when the weather is decent.  They love being outside in the sun, so they will sit and look around while I brush them.

Make sure you buy the right brush too.  I can use a regular comb on Nacho, but they don't work for Dolphie.

We use a curry comb for Dolphie.  We picked it up for the horse, but it works great for getting the undercoat on dogs, too.

Consider setting up a specific area for regular pet grooming, ideally in the bathroom or laundry room. Keep your pets grooming supplies there, as well as towels, and pet-safe cleaning products.

Sometimes, all it takes is a quick clean down after coming inside to drastically cut down on the amount of dirt that gets into the home. Consider keeping a towel on a hook by the door to clean your pets paws before they enter the home.

Invest in the Proper Tools

If regular grooming and bathing isn’t working well enough, it may be due to the limitations of your cleaning tools. Consider investing in a stronger vacuum that can handle pet fur.

Additionally, make sure that you buy quality pet grooming tools, and ensure that they will work with your pet.

Vacuums for Pets

I invested in a Dyson vacuum cleaner when the kids were little.  I'm so glad that I did.  My first Dyson lasted 8 years.  I used it daily, if not several times a day, with three littles and a few pets.

When it died, I bought another Dyson.  We moved and have hardwood floors now, but I use it on the floors with the beater bar off.

Look for a vacuum with a HEPA filter.  This helps filter the air to reduce dander and pet hair.

Cleaning Up Pet Messes

No matter how well trained your pet is, the occasional accident is common. The number one tip for cleaning up pet messes is act quickly.

Don’t allow your pets messes to stay there if at all possible. Additionally, be sure that you are using the proper materials to clean up your pets messes.

Look for enzyme based cleaners as they are particularly effective at eliminating odors in the house. However, sometimes the best supplies are already on hand.

For example, baking soda works wonders at eliminating pet odors, and it's very simple to use. All you have to do is sprinkle some on stains and messes and leave for a few hours. Then, simply sweep up the baking soda and dispose of it.

Invest in High Quality Materials

When purchasing certain items for your home, especially fabric goods, ensure that you buy the best that you can. For example, a high quality doormat will prevent dirt from your and your pets feet from making it further into the house.

Additionally, high quality furniture covers are easily washable and can cut down on the amount of dirt and fur that gets into your furniture.

If you can't afford covers, consider using a blanket to cover the couch from pets.  You can easily take them off to launder or remove them when guests come over.

Also, be sure to purchase high quality pet mess cleaners and other hygiene products, such as kitty litter, for your home.

Higher quality products means less work and less mess in your home. Be sure to look for cleaners made for combating pet messes as well.

Control the Messes

Certain spots in the home are bound to be dirty from pets, most particularly by the food bowls. As your pets congregate around their food bowls, spilling water and food all over, it can become a real hassle over time.

Consider placing trays underneath the food bowls of your pets to contain the messes your pets create. Additionally, make it a part of your routine to specifically target and clean high-traffic pet areas. For more tips on cleaning, check out this article

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Combat Smells in the Home

Sometimes, the smells of pet ownership can get to be too much, especially for guests. If the odors of your house become too big an issue. Try airing out your home every so often. Simply opening a few windows for fifteen minutes can greatly impact the smell of your home.

Additionally, as mentioned before, be sure to invest in high quality cleaners and hygiene products for your pets.

I highly recommend keeping an enzyme cleaner on hand.  Even if your pet doesn't have accidents, they can have one if they are sick or you are unexpectedly gone longer than you had planned.

IJustMakeSense on Etsy

For smells in the air, first clean the smell on the floor or surface.  Then you can combat the smell.  There are several essential oils that clean the air and remove odors, but you must be sure to use only pet safe oils.  I'm not an aromatherapist, so I can't comment on which ones are safe for your pets.

My vet sells these odor eliminating candles.  They smell amazing burning in their waiting room.  You can also find handmade odor eliminating candles on Etsy.

Consider Hiring Help

While mostly serving as a last resort, if the messes in your home get to be unbearable, consider hiring help. Hired help can range from pet cleaning experts to people able to help out on smaller chores, giving you more free time.

While not totally easy, maintaining a clean home with pets doesn't have to be complex and hair-raising. By following these tips, not only can you cut down on the amount of chores you have to do, but you can also effectively tackle the ones you do have to do.

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How to keep your house clean with pets.  Get ticks and hacks for a tidy home with dogs and cats. Get solutions for upholstery cleaning, how to get rid of pet odors, removing hair, and cleaning floors and carpets. We love our pets, but they can make big messes!  Keep your home clean with these life hacks for pet owners. #homemaking #pets #dogs #cats