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Saturday, February 29, 2020

15 Liquid Castile Soap Uses

Learn liquid castile soap uses to use this natural soap in your home.  This is a gentle cleaner that can be used for cleaning your home, dishes, and even bathing or as a hand soap or shampoo.

Ten years ago, when Caleb was still a baby, he developed environmental allergies and breathing problems.  He would later get diagnosed with asthma, but even before then, his allergist suggested that I not use chemicals to clean.  Even that short of a time ago, using natural cleaners wasn't popular.

I found some recipes online, tried them, played with them, and came up with my own recipes.  I loved making my own cleaning products because I saved a lot of money and because if I ran out of something, I could just make more.  Most cleaning product recipes use many of the same ingredients, so I just have to keep those on hand to make more of my products.

One of the ingredients that I always try to keep on the shelf is liquid castile soap because it's so versatile.  Seriously, you'd be amazed at all of the liquid castile soap uses!


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Castile soap originates from the Castile region in Spain.  Traditionally, it is made with olive oil, so it's a very gentle soap.  Olive oil makes a wonderful moisturizing bar of soap, but it doesn't lather well.  Most soap makers use other vegetable oils in addition to olive oil so the bar will later better.

Some people call a soap that is made with olive oils and other oils a bastile soap because it's not a true castile soap.  You can find a great recipe for a cold processed bastile soap here.

Castile soap can be in a bar form or liquid form.  I keep both on the shelf for cleaning.

Castile soap, like all soaps, work because they have a molecule that attracts water on one end while the other end avoids water.  When you combine soap with water, it created charged atoms that actually attract dirt and non-water soluble substances (like grease and oil!).

That's why this soap is gentle enough to use on your baby yet strong enough to clean greasy messes in the kitchen.

Unlike commercial cleaners, it's nontoxic. It's also biodegradable and safe for septic systems.

I do want to note that Castile soap is alkaline.  Do not mix it with vinegar because they cancel each other out.  It can also leave a white film on whatever you're cleaning if you mix them to clean.


If you have a bar of castile soap, you can make liquid castile soap.

I've done this several times, but it isn't uniform.  The water will separate, and you'll have to shake it often.  It's great for cleaning, but it didn't work in a hand soap dispenser very well.

Now I buy my liquid castile soap.  I use either Crafty Bubbles liquid castile soap or Dr. Bronner's liquid castile soap.

I don't make a full batch of liquid castile soap anymore, but I do make a liquid castile soap concentrate.  I use it to mop my floors and clean my house (more about that later though).  It's easy to make and stores in a quart sized mason jar.  One jar lasts me several months.

For more natural cleaning ideas, check out my tips for cleaning with baking soda.



Liquid castile soap makes a gentle natural shampoo.  It's strong enough cut through oil, but it's gentle on your scalp.  Personally, I don't use it often because it doesn't have a strong lather.  I have super thick hair, so I need lather or I can't get my head clean.  But in a pinch, yep, it works.

I do use it in my DIY clarifying shampoo to get product buildup out of my hair.  For a customizeable shampoo try this easy basic shampoo recipe and use the herbs and essential oils that are right for your hair.


You can also use liquid castile soap to wash your body.  It's very gentle, so it's great for those with eczema or other skin conditions.  Try this DIY liquid soap with neem oil for people or pets.


I switched to liquid castile soap for hand soap a few years ago because of the eczema on my hands.  I add a carrier oil and essential oils to make different soaps, but the basic formula is the same.  I really like my DIY liquid eczema hand soap recipe, but you can use different carrier oils to suit your needs.


Yes, you really can use this soap all over your body.  Again, you can add the carrier oils and essential oils that are best for your skin.  If you have acne prone skin, try this activated charcoal facial cleaner recipe.


If you're out of shaving cream, lather a few drops of liquid castile soap between your hands and use as a natural shaving soap.  It doesn't lather a lot, but it will protect your skin while you shave.


Yes, you can even wash your pooch with liquid castile soap.  If your dog has dry skin, try adding some carrier oils to nourish his or her skin.  I don't recommend using essential oils with pets, so I don't add them when I wash the dog.


Contrary to what commercials tell you, you don't need bubbles to get your dishes clean.  Just add a few drops of liquid castile soap to your dishwater and scrub away.  You won't have many suds, but it will get your dishes clean.


I use liquid castile soap from my concentrate to mop my floors.  I have original hardwood from when the house was built in the late 1800s, hardwood from the 1970s, vinyl, and laminate.  I use castile soap on all of them.  Use 2 tablespoons per gallon of hot water.  Sometimes I add some baking soda or borax to the castile soap for more scrubbing power.


I mix up a bucket with 2 tablespoons liquid castile soap with a gallon of hot water to scrub my house.  I use it on walls, cabinets, and pretty much everything but wood furniture or the outside of my stainless fridge.  Of all of the liquid castile soap uses, this is the one that I use the most in my home.


For my weekly cleaning, I use a homemade window cleaner, but I do use liquid castile soap to clean the outside of my windows.  I also use it on my double patio doors because they get really dirty on the outside thanks to living next to a corn field.


Sprinkle baking soda on tough grime.  Then spray diluted castile soap over it and scrub.


Use liquid castile soap on stains to help them come out in the wash.  You can also use it to wash bedding to remove dust mites.  Add 1/3 cup (half of that for HE) to each wash and use vinegar in the rinse cycle.

Use liquid castile soap in this DIY stain remover spray recipe.


As gentle as castile soap is on your skin and hair, it's not so good for ants and bugs.  Mix a tablespoon with a quart of water and spray ants.  It works quickly too, and it's safe to use in the kitchen.


I know!  I'm telling you that you can use it to kill ants and then telling you that you can wash your food with it.  Yes, it really is that versatile.  You only need about 1/4 of a teaspoon of castile soap for a sink full of water to wash your fruits and veggies.  Rinse well.


Use liquid castile soap diluted in warm water to wash your makeup brushes.  Gently clean until the water runs clear.  Then rinse well and lay flat.

Did you know about all of these liquid castile soap uses?

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