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Wednesday, February 26, 2020

21 of the Best Craft Kits for Adults

Here are the best craft kits for adults from Amazon and Etsy.  Save time when you buy a kit with all of the supplies needed to make a craft or home decor item.

I've heard that crafting and collecting craft supplies are actually two different hobbies.  I'm fortunate enough to have my own craft room.  I have a spare bedroom outfitted with cabinets, a table, and shelves to hold more supplies than I care to admit that I have.

Even though I have a lot of supplies, there are still things that I don't have in my stash.  Few things are more frustrating than wanting to start and finish a project only to find out that you don't have everything that you need.

When I do shop for supplies, I either pay more per item to get one or buy in bulk to save money on supplies.  These best craft kits for adults have everything you need to make a craft.

No more going from store to store to find each separate item on your list.  You won't need to wait for shipping for hard to find items that you had to order online.

These craft kits for adults also make great gifts for the hard to shop for person.  This way you'll know that they have what they need to create the project and won't have to buy more supplies.

21 of the Best Craft Kits for Adults

Felt Succulent Craft Kit

Succulents are crazy popular and don't show any signs of slowing down.  Who wants to cut all of the pieces for felt succulents?  Not I!  This felt succulent kit has supplies to make 27 felt succulents in a variety of colors.

Use them to decorate wreaths, signs, or whatever you want.

Buy it on Etsy.

Paint By Number Wall Hanging Kit

Make a wall hanging easily with this paint by number wall hanging kit.  The wood has the design burnt on the wood and includes a paint by number direction sheet so you can paint it yourself.

Buy the kit on Etsy.

Macrame Kit With Flowers

Macrame is making a bit comeback!  Make a small macrame wall decoration with a cute blue flower in the center.  There are other colors available from the seller.

Buy the Kit on Etsy.

Beginner Macrame Wall Hanging

This macrame kit makes a larger wall hanging with beads.  It's a beginner DIY kit, so you don't need any experience to make it.  They also have kits for two people or five people.

Buy the kit on Etsy.

Terrarium Kit

Make three terrariums in geometric shapes to hang on the wall.  This has everything that you need to make a wall hanging for your home.

Buy the kit on Amazon.

Terrarium Kit

 This kit has everything that you need to build a terrarium.  It has the soil, seeds, and decorations.  Watch it grow and take care of it long after it's completed.

Animal Art Kit

Use a craft knife (not included) to cut out wood shapes to make this adorable wall hanging.  You can frame it and hang on the wall or set on a surface.  This is such a unique kit, no one will know that it's actually from craft kits for adults!

Buy the kit on Amazon.

Essential Oil Jewelry

This kit has supplies to make three different essential oil jewelry pieces.  They use lava rocks and scent pads to turn the charms into aromatherapy diffusers.

Buy the kit on Amazon.

Cactus Cross Stitch Kit

Even a beginner can make this cute cactus cross stitch piece.  This includes a 6 inch hoop and everything that you need to make this craft kits for adults.

Buy the kit on Etsy.

Tree and Flowers Cross Stitch Kit

The fabric is preprinted with the design, so this is a perfect project for a beginner.  This is meant for adults, but kids can make it too.

Buy the kit on Amazon.

Simply Earth Essential Oil Starter Box

Learn how to make six different DIYs for a natural home with the Simply Earth starter box.  You'll need to supply a few common items to make the recipes, but you will have a lot left over for more recipes.  (Read my full review on my other blog.)

Buy the starter box from Simply Earth. 

Book Art Kit

Make any design folded on a book.  This kit includes the book and a code to download the design of your choice.  It makes it easy with a folding tool and a ruler.  This isn't one of your traditional craft kits for adults.  This would be fun for a craft night since everyone can use their own design.

Owl Painting Kit

Paint parties are really popular around here, but they are expensive.  Do it yourself at home cheaper with this paint by number kit with an adorable owl.

Buy the kit on Amazon.

Felt Flower Headband Kit

Build 18 flowers to make 6 floral headbands.  There are several different colors to choose from.  This craft kits for adults can also be used by teens, and I'm sure kids will love the designs too if you want to use it as a gift.

Buy the kit on Etsy.

Cactus String Art

This kit has everything that you need to make a cactus string art design.  This is a great project for beginners.

Buy the kit on Etsy.

Tree String Art

I really like how the string art is what is normally the negative space.  The board comes stained, so you can get to work creating wall art.

Buy the kit on Etsy.

Stained Glass Dog Collar

Make a one of a kind collar for your best furry friend.  This kit comes with a collar and fabric markers.  Choose your design and collar size.

Love Embroidery Kit

Learn how to embroider with this cute Love embroidery kit.  Use it as wall decor or give as a gift.

Buy the kit on Etsy.

Fox Embroidery Kit

I couldn't decide between the Love kit and this Fox kit, so I'm featuring both!  I just love this design.  It's simple, yet it would look amazing on the wall.

Buy the kit on Etsy.

Llama Felt Kit

Learn how to make 3 adorable felt llamas.  This kit also has some embroidery in it.

Buy the kit on Etsy.

Concrete Planter Kit

Make your own concrete planter for succulents or other plants.  This includes everything that you need to make a planter, and you can get more concrete to make more.

Buy the kit on Etsy.

Which of the 21 best craft kids for adults is your favorite?

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21 of the best craft kits for adults or for teens.  Learn how to make new projects or DIY products for yourself or to give as a gift.  These kits also make great gifts for a friend or teenager.  These kits are for sale on Amazon and Etsy. Learn to make new crafts and DIY projects with these ideas for tutorials.  These are a great way to learn a new craft or skill. It's a good idea to buy a kit to save money.  #craftkit #diy #craft