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How to Make Homemade Butter With a Kitchenaid Mixer

How to make homemade butter with a Kitchenaid mixer.  This also makes buttermilk that can be used for pancakes or biscuits. Although we are just over two weeks into January, we haven't really started back into our routines.  My kids haven't had much school work, and the bad weather means that Caleb's therapy has been cancelled several times.  David just started college yesterday, so we had a two week break after Christmas. That means that we've had two glorious weeks where we didn't have much to do.  We played board games, watched an entire season of The Big Bang Theory, and I got through my almost full DVR. I also had time to tackle my "want to do" list.  These are things that don't need to be done; I just want to do them or try them.  One of the things that I wanted to do was make homemade butter and buttermilk. As I've talked about before, we are homesteading on a 12 acre farm.  We have livestock, an orchard, and grow a big garden. 

How to Make DIY Reusable Cloth Wipes

How to make DIY reusable wipes from flannel cloth.  Use these wipes for baby wipes, for cleaning, or to make disinfecting wipes.  We're trying to reduce the amount of waste that we produce.  I do buy paper towels, but we only use them for really gross messes or oily messes.  Otherwise, we use these DIY reusable wipes. I am not proficient with a sewing machine, but luckily my daughter is.  She is 12-years-old and loves sewing.  Lately, she's been making skirts and some items that I need for the home, like these cloths. These are so simple, even a beginner can make them.  We don't have a serger, so these are made only with a sewing machine, although you could hand sew them if you wanted to. They are just the right size for cleaning up small messes.  When you're done, just toss in the washer with your regular laundry and reuse them. I use them for cleaning.  I have several in the cupboard for general cleaning, but I also have some sitting in a jar to use as

49 Make Ahead Freezer Meals

Save time and money with make ahead freezer meals.  These 49 freezer friendly meals can be made now and freeze leftovers or make them just for the freezer. I am fortunate that I have a stand up freezer.  I save a lot of money by stocking up on meat and other foods when it's on sale and freezing it for later. I also use my freezer to prepare make ahead freezer meals.  I either make a meal just for the freezer or, more often, I double what we are having for dinner and freeze leftovers for later. These 49 make ahead freezer meals aren't specifically for the freezer, but they all freeze well.  If you have a small family, you can make one batch and freeze leftovers for another meal. We have five in the family, so I usually double these recipes and freeze an entire meal.  For soups, I make one batch and freeze leftovers in smaller containers for lunches. This list of freezer meals has casseroles, pasta dishes, main dishes, sides, and even breakfasts.

Disinfectant Spray DIY Recipe

Disinfecting your home without chemicals with this DIY homemade disinfectant spray recipe.  It has essential oils to kill germs naturally. Cold and flu season is upon us.  One major benefit to homeschooling is that my kids don't pick up as many germs.  We are still in public for shopping, karate, and scouts, so we are exposed to germs.   I started cleaning my home naturally more than 10 years ago.  In the winter though, I want to make sure the germs are gone.  I'm not taking chances because Caleb gets very sick each year.   When he was an infant and then again a year old, he had RSV and was hospitalized.  Each year after that, he would get pneumonia.  Now that he's older, he still gets sick, but thankfully it isn't as bad as it used to be.   Disinfecting spray was the last cleaner that I started making.  I thought that I needed to buy a commercial project if I wanted to really kill the germs.   Then I started doing some research.  You don'

Common Cooking Substitutions Chart + Free Printable

Learn how to make common cooking substitutions so you can make your favorite dish even if you are out of one ingredient. I live in a rural area.  There are several dollar stores near me, but they don't have the best food selection.  I have one local chain grocery store close to me, but it's crazy expensive.  Their prices are about three to four times what Aldi and Walmart charge! If I am cooking and run out of an ingredient, I can't just run to Aldi or a decently priced grocery store because it will be an hour trip by the time I drive there and back. I've learned several common cooking substitutions that I can use so I cook what I had planned without going to the store. These cooking substitutions also help when I'm cooking for friends with food allergies.  I have friends who can't have milk or eggs, and I want to be able to make homemade foods that they can enjoy. Common Cooking Substitutions Please note that these should only be used when yo

Natural All Purpose Cleaner Recipe With Essential Oils

This natural homemade all purpose cleaner recipes is easy to make and can be used on most surfaces in your home. When my oldest was a baby, I started using natural cleaners.  I wanted a more natural home for him, and I wanted to save money.  One of the first things I made was an all purpose cleaner. I've changed the recipe a few times over the last few years and improved it (I think so anyway) with each modification.   One thing that I like about making my own cleaners like this natural all purpose cleaner recipe is that I never run out.  I always have dish soap and vinegar to make a new batch.  If I don't have the essential oils, I can use one or the other until I get more or use different oils.   I'm crazy about this cleaner, but my husband is not.  He doesn't like the smell of vinegar.  It dissipates quickly, so it doesn't bother me.  I'd rather smell vinegar than smell chemical cleaners.  

How to Clean a House Like a Professional

Whether you're spring cleaning or doing your weekly cleaning, learn how to clean a house like a professional so your home stays clean all the time. Cleaning is very rarely anybody's favorite activity, especially if you live with a family or roommates. Not only can cleaning be difficult at times, but it can also be stress inducing as well. Perhaps you have thought of hiring professional cleaners at some point in your life, or you are thinking about it right now. Thankfully, you may not have to! Sometimes, all it takes is a few helpful cleaning tips to keep your house sparkling and yourself sane. Learn how to clean a house like a professional to get a clean home without spending a lot of money. How to Clean a House Like a Professional Declutter Your Home The less you have to clean, the easier it is to clean, right?   Even if you did hire a professional, you'd still have to declutter your home before they came over to clean. I declutter in two

Honey Lemon Ginger Tea Recipe

Feel better naturally with this honey, lemon, and ginger tea recipe.  This is easy to make, and it can promote wellness when you are sick with a cough or cold. When I get sick, I don't automatically run to the medicine cabinet.  Most cold medications make me very drowsy, even if they are non-drowsy formulas.  While I welcome the sleep, I do still need to get work done and teach the kids each day. Luckily, there are several ways to feel better naturally without taking medication.  One natural cold remedy I like is a honey, lemon, and ginger tea recipe.  I feel better quickly and the effect lasts for several hours. This is even safe for kids, but never give a child under one honey.  If you do give this to a child, heat the water to help the honey dissolve, then let it cool before you give it to them.  My kids aren't fans of honey, but they will drink this because they know they will feel better.

The Best Steak Marinade Recipe Ever

How to make the best steak marinade recipe ever.  Once you make this recipe, you'll never make steak another way again.  This works for grilling and any other way you want to cook your steak. I've been making the best steak marinade recipe for around ten years.  Everyone who tries this marinade loves it and asks for the recipe after the first bite.  This could possibly be the best steak marinade recipe ever created. It has several ingredients, but it only takes about 5 minutes to make.  I make it the night before or in the morning and let the steaks rest in it all day. We like this steak marinade recipe best on grilled steaks.  Don't all steaks taste better when grilled over an open flame? I've also made it on my indoor grill .  They are still delicious, but it doesn't have that grilled flavor that we like. I like to cook an extra steak so we have some leftover.  I use it the next day for steak salads.  Yum!

Instant Pot Elderberry Syrup With Dried Elderberries

How to make Instant Pot elderberry syrup with dried elderberries.  This quick and easy recipe will save you time and money versus buying elderberry syrup at the store.  It also has no preservatives or artificial ingredients or colors. The flu hit us for the first time this year.  Well, maybe.  My oldest started with what seemed like some sinus congestion and a headache with no fever.  Then the middle one started, but he was miserable and had a fever. He normally pushes through any sickness, so I took him to the doctor after 5 days of not being able to eat or get out of bed.  His strep test was negative.  They didn't test him for the flu but called it the flu and we left. Now the third one has it with a fever.  Is it the flu?  Not sure.  They have fevers but no aches and pains. I upped my elderberry syrup every day while they were sick.  They don't like elderberry syrup, so I ordered them some elderberry gummies (thank you Amazon next day delivery!). I kept feeling

Dry Erase Funny Pet Shaming Sign Free Printable

If you have a pet, then you probably needed this dry erase funny pet shaming sign.  Use this free printable for dogs, cats, or any other pet. We have two dogs and two cats inside.  They each have their own personalities, and they are all ornery. They are mostly well behaved and kinda lazy, but they do cause some trouble.  Never leave a glass of water on the table because Carly will knock it over just because she can. I had to get a trash can with a locking lid to keep Dolphie out of the trash.  He figured out how to press the button to open the first one we had and then helped himself. If it's left open, the cats will knock over so Nacho can get into it because he's too small to reach otherwise. I swear the critters are almost as bad as the kids were as toddlers!