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Easy Zucchini Pizza Bites Recipe Low Carb

If you have too many zucchini plants ripe at the same time, try these easy zucchini pizza bites.  It's the perfect low carb snack or dinner, and you can easily make them keto friendly by using the right sauce. Zucchini season is upon us.  This is the time when you may wake up to find a pile of zucchini on your porch because your neighbors are so desperate to get rid of it.   Personally, I prefer fried zucchini.  I have a great way to make it, and I'll share it hopefully this year.  The kids, of course, perfect zucchini bread. We do all likes this easy zucchini bites recipe.  It's low carb and easy to make keto friendly.  You can customize it, and the kids even get to make their own.   We don't usually do this for dinner.  Instead, we have it as an afternoon snack.  Sometimes I make them as a side dish when we have fried zucchini because the kids don't like fried zucchini. These are easy to customize too.  You can use bigger slices and add more toppings like mushroom

Canned Bread and Butter Pickle Recipe

How to make old fashioned bread and butter pickles canning recipe.  This is an old recipe that's been in my family for three generations.  These pickles are made from scratch and are perfect for most meals. Bread and butter pickles are my favorite kind of pickles. Specifically, my grandmother's bread and butter pickles.   This recipe, like her canned dill pickle recipe , was lost for many, many years. My mom gave it to me last year, and I was able to make one batch. I've already made a batch this year, and I hope to make several more. I will assume that you know how to can. If you have any questions at all, just leave a comment, and I will try my best to answer or point you in the right direction. Canning is becoming a lost art, and that's really sad. I love being able to make my own food because I know exactly what's in it. Many of the vegetables I use to can are grown on our farm, so I know they are non-GMO and organic.   I buy my spices in bulk from an

Chocolate Zucchini Bread Recipe With Chocolate Chips

Enjoy a delicious variation on the classic summer quick bread.  This chocolate zucchini bread recipe with chocolate chips is easy to make.  Your kids won't even know that it has a vegetables in it if you don't tell them. Every year we go to the greenhouse and my husband buys several zucchini plants.  Every year, I try to babysit him so we don't end up with more than two plants. Every year he somehow manages to come home with at least four zucchini plants.  One year he got twelve plants.  Twelve ! Do you know how many zucchinis you get from twelve plants? A lot.  I'm talking sneaking on to people's porches at night to ditch them a lot.   I sneak zucchini into everything meal that I can, but we still have too much.  That's when I make this chocolate zucchini bread recipe with chocolate chips.   My kids are picky, but they love this bread.  You can not tell that there is zucchini in here at all!  It melts right into the batter as it bakes, so you might see a few gr

The Best Ever Zucchini Bread Recipe With Applesauce

How to make the best ever zucchini bread recipe with applesauce. This is a great way to use extra zucchini, and the loaves freeze very well. You may have had zucchini bread, but you've never had this zucchini bread! This recipe was passed down to me from my grandmother. Everyone asked her to bring it to a pot luck, and now everyone asks me to take it to parties and picnics.  If you've never had zucchini bread, I must command you to drop everything, pick a zucchini from your garden, and make this right now. Don't have a garden? Here in about 2 weeks, your neighbors will have so many zucchini that they will leave zucchini on your door step and run. Don't worry, you can't taste the zucchini at all. It melts and becomes rich deliciousness. 

Best Eco Friendly Cleaning Products to Buy or DIY

If you're looking to live a more natural life and want to remove chemicals from your home, here at the best natural eco friendly cleaning products to buy or DIY. I've been using eco friendly cleaning products since long before it was a thing, even before the Internet was a staple in each home.   At first, I did it out of necessity.  We didn't have a lot of money and with a baby on the way, I had to keep a tight budget. Now, I still use the best eco friendly cleaning products.  Three of us have asthma, and we can't be breathing in the fumes.   My natural products work well, so I'm not missing out on anything.  They are inexpensive to make, too.   Sometimes I make my own, and other times I buy them.  Honestly, it just depends on my mood and how much time I have.  Sometimes I just don't have time to make a recipe.   Or maybe I found a great deal with coupons or by buying in bulk.  I will stock up when I see a great price. The Best

Cactus Rock Garden Tutorial (With Dollar Tree Supplies)

How to make a cute cactus rock garden with this easy tutorial.  I used Dollar Tree supplies to make this, so it's inexpensive.  This is a great kids craft, too! Who else loves succulents and cacti?  I love the looks of them, but I don't do live plants in the house.  I don't have a green thumb, and I have cats. Chloe, my son's Siamese mix, loves to eat things she's not supposed to eat.  Carly, our grumpy older cat, loves to knock things off of counters.   I have some faux succulents and cacti that I like, but I wanted to make another one.  Dakota wanted one for the shelf in her room, so I made her this cactus rock garden. I found the three main supplies at Dollar Tree.  Of course, you can repurpose items or find your own rocks and planters.  

Strawberry Air Fryer Pop Tarts Recipe

This strawberry air fryer pop tarts recipe is quick and easy to make.  Use a premade pie crust and strawberry jelly for a semi homemade breakfast or dessert that even the kids can help make. When I was pregnant with my middle son, I had severe morning (all day) sickness.  I lived on green and red popsicles for weeks.  Fun fact:  I do not like green popsicles.  After that, the only thing that I could eat was strawberry Pop Tarts.  It wasn't my ideal pregnancy meal, but it was the only thing I could stomach for over a month. I ate them for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  While I do like strawberry Pop Tarts, that was a bit much for me. Guess what my kid loves to eat 14 years later?  Yep, strawberry Pop Tarts. Unfortunately, he can't have red dye, so we have to make our own.  I was so happy when I stumbled upon this quick and easy strawberry air fryer Pop Tarts recipe. These are so easy, my kids can make them all by themselves.  

Instant Pot Strawberry Jam Low Sugar No Pectin

How to make Instant Pot strawberry jam that is low sugar and has no pectin.  This is an easy three ingredient recipe, and it tastes delicious on toast or in desserts.  This three ingredient strawberry jam is sure to be a family favorite! My kids eat peanut butter and jelly sandwiches like it's their job.  They are homeschooled, so they eat them for lunch all year round.   I have been making my own jelly and jam for over 10 years now.  Once you make homemade jam, you'll never want to buy it from the store again. Homemade jam tastes so fresh, and you'll love how easy this recipe is.  With just your Instant Pot pressure cooker and three ingredients, you can have fresh jam with hardly any work in about two hours. This is a low sugar strawberry jam.  It uses about much less sugar, and I've even used a sugar substitute to test it. Don't have an Instant Pot?  Don't worry, I'll include stove top directions too.