Sunday, November 27, 2016

Garlic Romano Penne with Stella Black Pepper Romano

We will be hosting more Christmas parties this year, and I don't want to serve turkey and ham at each one.  I came up with this Garlic Romano Penne recipe for easy entertaining.  You can serve it alone or add shrimp, chicken, or even sausage.  After you read the recipe, be sure to enter to win a trip to Napa Valley sponsored by Stella Cheese!

Garlic Romano Penne Recipe 

This dish is very simple, but it's full of flavor.  I use Stella Black Pepper Romano because it has a salty, sharp flavor in the aged cheese and the peppercorns lend spice to the dish.

I will usually make a cheese board for our holiday parties, and I use Stella cheeses.  I think with a simple recipe like this penne or with a cheese board, you need to use ingredients that have a lot of flavor on their own.  With just two or three flavors of Stella cheese, crackers, olives, and some grapes, you can have a flavorful cheese board that's quite easy to put together.


  • 1/2 cup olive oil
  • 10 cloves garlic, minced
  • 3 tablespoons parsley
  • 1/3 cup grated Stella Black Pepper Romano
  • 1 pound penne, cooked
  1. Heat olive oil over medium heat.  Add minced garlic and cook until brown, about 30 seconds.  Smash the garlic with a wooden spoon to release the flavor.
  2. Add parsley and stir well.
  3. Pour garlic, parsley, and olive oil mixture over cooked pasta.
  4. Top with grated Stella Black Pepper Romano

If you want to serve wine with your Garlic Romano Penne or a cheese board with romano cheese, I suggest a chardonnay or zinfandel.  Romano also pairs well with brandy or scotch.

Win a Trip to Napa Valley

Be sure to enter Stella Cheese's awesome sweepstakes!  They are offering a $5,000 trip to Napa Valley, CA, wine country to a lucky winner!  

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Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Top 50 STEM Toys for Christmas 2016

Caleb, my 10-year-old, loves anything science or math.  He will spend hours with his Snap Circuits building their designs and creating his own.  He loves few things more than dumping his bin of LEGO bricks and having free play.  My daughter, on the other hand, has to be coaxed in to doing anything STEM related.  Once she starts playing though, she will have fun and start experimenting.  These toys look like so much fun, both my son and my daughter will love them.  If you need Christmas ideas, these 50 STEM toys will be a big hit.
stem toys christmas 2016
Magna-Tiles 12148 Clear Colors 48 pc DX set Toy

Snap Circuits SC-300 Electronics Discovery Kit

ClickBlock X-Bar Magnetic Building Toy School House Set, 28 Piece

Thames & Kosmos Wind Power 2.0

ClickBlock X-Bar Magnetic Building Toy School House Set, 28 Piece

Geode Explorer Science Kit - Crack Open 7 Amazing Rocks and Find Crystals!

4M Magnet Science Kit

Math Dice Tournament Kit

KNEX Education - Intro to Simple Machines: Levers and Pulleys Set - 178 Pieces - For Grades 3-5 - Construction Education Toy

Robot Turtles Game

Geode Explorer Science Kit - Crack Open 7 Amazing Rocks and Find Crystals!

Gravity Maze

Thames and Kosmos Rocket Science Kit

Laser Maze Logic Game

Mega Shark Tooth Science - Collect 5 Real Shark Teeth with NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC

Melissa & Doug Classic Wooden Abacus

SmartLab Toys ReCon 6.0 Programmable Rover

My First Lab Duo-Scope Microscope - MFL-06

littleBits Electronics Premium Kit


Melissa & Doug Human Anatomy 100 pc Floor Puzzle

Uncle Milton - National Geographic - 3-in-1 Expedition Magnifier

4M Kitchen Science Kit

Snap Circuits Lights Electronics Discovery Kit


Zometool Basic Creator Kit

Insect Lore Butterfly Pavilion

TINKERTOY 30 Model Super Building Set - 200 Pieces - For Ages 3+ Preschool Educational Toy

Ravensburger Science X Magnetic Magic Activity Kit

MudWatt - Grow your own living fuel cell - Classic STEM Kit

fischertechnik Dynamic - Fun with Physics

4M Math Magic Puzzles and Games

Ozobot 2.0 Bit, the Educational Toy Robot that Teaches STEM and Coding, Titanium Black

Educational Insights Nancy Bs Science Club Way To Grow Hydroponics Kit & Gardening Diary

Learning Resources Gears! Gears! Gears! Super Set

Be Amazing Toys Big Bag Of Science +70 Activities

OgoSport OgoBild Animate It Studio Kit with Webcam

Trends UK Haynes Build Your Own V8 Engine

4M Weather Station Kit

Thames & Kosmos Master Detective Toolkit

Scientific Explorer My First Mind Blowing Science Kit

National Geographic Break Open 10 Geodes and Explore Crystals Science Kit

Thames & Kosmos Electricity and Magnetism

Thames and Kosmos Classic Science Archaeology: Pyramid

Puzzlets Starter Pack with Free Programming Game: Cork the Volcano

Wonder Workshop Dash & Dot Robot Wonder Pack

Learning Resources Primary Science Lab Set

Scientific Explorer Magic Science for Wizards Only Kit

Professional Rock Tumbler by NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC Improved Quality Sept. 2016

Sick Science Fast Physics Kit
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Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Rustic Farmhouse Decor from Amazon

We've lived in our farm house for 4 years now.  The previous people didn't like the farm house look, so they painted more modern colors.  Needless to say, modern colors just don't look right in a farmhouse!  My living room, dining room, and hallway were terra cotta and yellow, which is totally not my style.  We've slowly been turning the old farmhouse back into a farmhouse.  When I saw slowly, I do mean slowly.  I can't wait to share photos, but it's not quite there yet.  Until then, enjoy some of these amazing rustic farmhouse finds.

Rustic farmhouse decor

Rustic Farmhouse Decor from Amazon

Links in this post may be affiliate links, which means that I earn a small commission from sales.

Cotton Linen Square Decorative Throw Pillow Case Cushion Cover (Compass), 18"x 18"

Decors Square Decorative Throw Pillow Case Cushion Cover Rustic Deer Buck Burlap Throw Pillows 18 X 18 Two Sides Printed

BarnwoodUSA Rustic Reclaimed Wood Shelves Open Box

Mini Mason Jar Night Light in Rustic Brown Metal Color

Mini Rustic Wood Signs - Seek Adventure, Create, I Love You, Explore, Dream, Inspire

Old Rustic Window Barnwood Frames - Not For Pictures

Rustic Primitive Milk Can Vase Container with Barn Star Country Home Decor

Wall26 - Canvas Prints Wall Art - Artistic Abstract Dandelion on Vintage Wood Background - 12" x 18"

Custom Cut Decor Customized Monogram Rustic Tin Letters

What's your favorite rustic farmhouse decor item?
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Saturday, October 22, 2016

Why Doesn’t Anyone Talk About How Amazing Tweens Are Today?

It seems like when people talk about the younger generation, they only have negative things to say.  I'm an active volunteer with several youth organizations, and I can say that these kids are pretty awesome.  They have opportunities that my generation never had.  They literally have the entire world's knowledge in their pockets.  The kids that I work with are polite, well read, and a lot of fun to be around.  I may be a little biased, but I think my tween son is pretty awesome too.   Now he has a pretty awesome snack to keep him fueled all day, too.

Caleb is 10 now. His struggles in life started five weeks in to my pregnancy when I was told that we'd lost him.  Thankfully, several doctors and their ultrasounds were wrong.  I went in to preterm labor that was stopped with bedrest and medication.  We almost lost him during birth, too.  I thought we were safe once he was born, but he was hospitalized with RSV at four weeks old and had an apnea in the hospital.

I'd like to say the next few years were uneventful, but they weren't.  Although he didn't have any major medical problems, he was an active and ornery child.  He was the one who kept my on my toes by moving furniture, jumping from high places, and swinging from the ceiling fan.

When Caleb was eight-years-old, he was diagnosed with autism.

In the last two years, we've secured the support that he needs to lead a successful life.  Thanks to countless hours of therapy, his wonderful therapists, and a large support network, I have no doubts he will reach his goals in life.

Caleb wants to be an astronaut when he grows up.  While I'm not thrilled about sending my baby to space--even if my baby is over 18 by then--I do believe that he will reach his goal if he sets his mind to it.

One of the things that makes Caleb so amazing is his big heart.  He loves animals.  He has a Siamese mix cat named Chloe that he plays with and takes good care of.

While I still get to sneak in a few snuggles if I sit on couch in the evening, my baby boy is growing up.  He still plays with action figures and loves watching cartoons, but I see glimpses of a young man, especially when he's eating.

It's hard to believe that our days of sippy cups and carrying cups of snacks are over, but that doesn't mean that he doesn't need a snack to get him through the day.  I started buying him Yoplait Go Big.  They are the perfect size for a snack for a growing boy both at home and on the go.

He likes the rip and grip because it's easy for him to open without using scissors, and the pouch is easy to hold with one hand.  I like that I can get them at Walmart in the yogurt section on my weekly shopping trip.  I also love that they don't have high fructose corn syrup or colors from artificial sources.

Go Big challenged me to write a letter to my tween.  Here's an excerpt from my letter.

Dear Caleb,
You've been a fighter since day 1.  You fought to stay alive, and now you fight to fit in in a world that doesn't make sense.  You're determined, and you never give up.  You have a unique journey to trek before you become an adult, but I'll be beside you every step of the way.

Do you have an amazing tween?  Tell me about him or her in the comments and be sure to visit Yoplait Go Big for more inforatation!

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Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Fall Fun at Nickajack Farm, North Lawrence, Ohio

Thank you to Nickajack Farms for sponsoring this post.  As always, all enthusiasm is my own.

One of the best parts about living in a rural area is all of the fantastic farms and pumpkin patches in the area.  It's been a while since we've been to Nickajack Farms, but we are headed there this week for their Fall Festival and Pumpkin Patch.  Nickajack Farms is a fully operational farm with over 500 acres, and they have so many fun things to do this fall!

Nickajack Farms, North Lawrence, Ohio

Nickajack Farms Pumpkin Patch

My kids are so excited for the pick your own pumpkin patch.  They have some prepicked and more in the field.  They also have mums, straw, corn stalks, and fall decor.  They have a new Farmers Cafe that I'm pretty excited about too.  I'm also going to challenge my kids to some pumpkin bowling before we go through the straw maze.

Nickajack Farms Fall Festival

Their fall festival looks like a lot of fun.  Here's what they are offering:

  • NEW! Land History - Check out this newly created timeline of the history of the land that the farm is on! Our creative team of Nate and Amanda worked with local historian David Rankl.
  • Activity Barn - Home to the Corn Box and Color Me Animals.
  • Discovery Barn - Interactive and fun hands-on and education activities where adults and children can learn more about farm life and the processes that hay and straw go through, the life cycle of a pumpkin and the importance of bees to the life cycle of a plant.
  • Farm Animals - Farmer Joe's Barnyard is home to lovable farm friends, including chickens, pigs, sheep, cows, llamas, alpacas, goats big and small, and Dakota the mustang. Also while in the barn meet Red the Beefalo bull! Be sure to stop by the Horse Education center and meet our lesson horses, peek in the indoor or outdoor arena and you may see a lesson in session.
  • Rascals Round Up - Rascals Round up has grown over the years! It is full of tons of fun!
  • NEW! Igloo - Delivered straight from Massillon's Rezzy - Fest this fun little home is great for running through and hiding in!
  • Teepee - Back for another year, this fan favorite is fun to look at hide and take pictures around!
  • Rascals Rythym's - Create a tune with some of the basic things you find around our farm.'
  • Hay Chutes - Climb the hill and slide on down. Pretend you are one of our hay bales on the way to the bottom of the hay-mow!
  • Rascals Rollers - Run your way to fun on this human sized version of a hamster wheel.
  • Hay Rides - The 30-minute ride takes guests out through the corn field and around the farm for a relaxing and educational ride.
  • Pedal Carts - NEW! Now part of the Fall Fest Admission Race your friends or parents around Rascals Roundup Pedal Car Track. It is not as easy as it looks.
  • NEW! 3 Piggy's Plan and Build - Hey little ones head into the shed, plan your home and then build it with lots of different building materials!
  • NEW! Construction Zone - Great fun in the sun building, playing, and getting wet. Move some sand and water with our tools and trucks!
  • NEW! Tire Dragons - Find our dragon friends around the farm! Tons of fun to climb on, through and round!
  • Playground - A great place for the little ones to slide and swing. They can climb all over the wooden tractor and pretend they are out on the harvest.
  • NEW! Obstacle Course - This newly improved obstacle course will be test of your strength and endurance! Great for our adult friends too!
  • Corn Maze - The 7-acre corn maze. This is lot of fun for the whole family! Filled with fun Corny activities for you and your little ones to have a laugh with!
  • Gourd Golf - Fun for everyone try your hand at our Gourd Golf, set up with obstacles and putting greens. Putt your way around with the unpredictability of putting with a gourd!
  • Pony Rides - You can add on this fun activity to your admission if you choose. Meet and ride one of our lesson horses for a 5-minute ride with a guide walking beside. A great fix for the young horse lover!
  • Pumpkins - Huge selection of pumpkins in lots of sizes and colors. Also available for purchase are gourds, Indian Corn, corn stalks, and straw bales.
  • The Market in The Mane Barn - Find beautiful decor and farm and country themed items and fresh home-style goodies. The Market is also where you will purchase your goods grown on the farm, decorative corn, pumpkins, gourds, honey from the bees enlisted to pollinate the pumpkins. Local is the flavor of The Market offering local baked good and fresh chocolates.
  • Corn Cannons - See if you can hit the targets or how far you can launch a piece of freshly grown corn! This add on fea-ture is $2 per bucket of corn ammunition.
  • NEW! Farmers Cafe - On weekends join Chef Eric Popovich from Bella Sera Restaurant in Massillon at the Farmers Cafe for a delightful meal or a light snack. Chef Eric will bring the best of his restaurant to the farm as well as some pumpkin based specialties.

Nickajack Farms Hours

The Fall Festival runs from September 17-October 31, 2016; 11am - 7pm

They offer Field Trips, Tours, Birthday Parties and groups events outside our normal fall fest times.

Special events and offers abound during 2016 Fall Fest as well:

  • Family Flashlight Maze - 9/17 &10/14
  • Family Safety Day - 9/24
  • Grandparents Day - 9/28
  • Farm Pig Roast - 9/30
  • Farmer Joe's Birthday Weekend - 10/8 - 10/9
  • Barnyard Olympics - 10/10
  • Military Weekend - 10/15 - 10/16
  • Me & You Days - 10/17, 10/24 & 10/31
  • Scouts Weekend - 10/22 - 10/23
  • Science Weekend - 10/22 - 10/23
  • Halloween Bash - 10/28

Nickajack Farms is a great place for birthday parties, field trips, tours, customer appreciation events, employee events, private flashlight mazes and corporate events welcome!

Nickajack Farms offers a plethora of fall family fun activities, pick your pumpkin and participate in free activities in the pumpkin patch.

Fall Fest Admission is $10 per person, $8 Senior Citizens, FREE - Ages 2 & Teachers. ( Teachers are always free as well be sure to head to our website for a coupon.)

Your admission includes: Activity Barn, & Corn Box, Discovery Barn, NEW! Bucky baby Horse Corral, Farmer Joe's Barn-yard Animals, Rascals Round Up with: NEW! Igloo, Tee Pee, Rascals Rhythms, Rascals Hay Chutes, Rascals Rollers, Wooden maze, NEW! Construction Zone, Piggy's Plan & Build, Play Ground, NEW! Tire Dragons, Playground, Straw Maze, NEW! Obstacle Course, Corn Maze with Corny Games and Gourd Golf

You can add on a pony ride for $5 (note on weekends these are only available from 12 - 4) On special weekends take a Tractor Ride for $5 and Corn Cannon Ammunition is Ala Carte Items: - Corn Cannons by the bucket: $2 - Weekly Pony Rides: $5 - Weekends Only (11:30am-4pm) - Wagon Train Ride: $1.75; Pony Rides: $5; Tractor Rides: $5

Be sure to come back next week to see pictures from our visit and enter a giveaway for two 4-packs of tickets!
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Sunday, October 2, 2016

Send a Letter of Hope to Show You CARE

I am lucky because I grew up in a time where women could be anything they wanted to be.  I got a free education in a public school and went on to private college thanks to merit-based scholarships and some student loans.  When I had kids, they started in our local public school, but for many reasons, they now learn at home.  My kids have a safe environment in which to learn, and they don't have to worry about anything except learning.

My daughter, Dakota, is 9 and in the fourth grade.  She loves to read, and she loves to learn.  She doesn't have any barriers to her education, and she has the full support of her parents.  Not all girls around the world are so lucky.  This is where CARE helps.  CARE is a global organization that fights poverty by empowering women and girls.  One way they empower women is by giving them more access to an education.

Meet Mary.  Mary is 15-years-old and lives in Nairobi, Kenya.  Her parents aren't available, so Mary and her three siblings live with their grandmother.  Mary wants to be a journalist when she grows up.  She works hard in school to meet her goal, but she often lacks the money for food and school fees for an education.

By contrast, Dakota never has to worry about food.  Although we don't have school fees, Dakota always has the fees for ballet, community theater, karate, and ju jitsu.

I like school because...

Mary says, "It will make me reach my goal."

Dakota says, "It is fun!"

To be successful I will...

Mary says, "try my best to work hard."

Dakota says, "work hard in school."

My biggest challenges...

Mary says, "Sometimes I lack school fees."

Dakota says, "staying focused."

Education inspires me to...

Mary says, "To be a hard-working journalist."

Dakota says, "do my best!"

Dakota and Mary are similar in that they both want to work hard in school and have a good job later in life.  Where they differ is in their obstacles.  Mary lacks the money for an education.  Dakota lacks the motivation because she, thankfully, doesn't understand that education is a luxury to some girls in other parts of the world.

You can help by sending a letter of hope or encouragement through CARE to students in developing countries.  These letters will help students get through those rough days, and with the help of CARE, hopefully graduate to end the cycle of poverty.

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Friday, September 16, 2016

How to Fix a Clogged Sink

This post is sponsored by Roto-Rooter.  As always, all enthusiasm is my own.

I don't know about your, but clogged sinks happen more than they probably should here.  One time I caught the kids giving the bunny a bath in the sink...a bunny who had not been wiped clean of straw before entering the house.  Our house is an old farm house, so clogs are a little more common here than in newer homes for various reasons.  I've had to learn how to fix a clogged sink myself because we only have one bathroom and can't just use a different one until the hubby gets home.  Fixing a clog isn't too difficult.  Keep reading for some simple ways to unclog your sink without calling a plumber.

How to Fix a Clogged Sink


I usually try this method first because, with kids, there's usually debris causing the clog.  This method is also very easy and usually works.

Before you use a plunger, be sure to use a wet cloth to block the overflow opening.  This helps direct the force towards the blockage.

 If there isn't water standing in the sink, add a few inches of water.  The water helps force the blockage to move.

Simply cover the drain with the plunger and plunge up and down for 30 seconds.  If the water flows, then you are done.  If the water is still standing, try again.  After the drain opens, run water for a few minutes to clean any blockage that may be stuck on the pipes.

Using a Drain Stick

I use a drain stick if I notice that the sink is draining slowly but isn't blocked.  This usually means there is a hair clog in this house.

Simply insert the drain stick down the drain.  You may need to move it round and twist it to catch the clog.  Then pull it out and, hopefully, the clog will come with it.  Run water for a few minutes to clear the pipe.


If neither of those two methods work, that's when I reach for Roto-Rooter home products.  To use the Gel Clog Remover, which is what I normally get, make sure the cap is on securely and shake the bottle well.

Then pour 16 ounces of gel directly in the drain and let sit for 10 minutes.  Rinse well with hot water.  Some clogs will take more than one treatment.

Before you use a chemical drain cleaner, make sure it's safe for your system.  We have a septic system, and Roto-Rooter Gel Clog Cleaner is safe for septic systems.

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Monday, August 22, 2016

Save Money on Home Decor with Groupon

This post is sponsored by Groupon.  As always, all enthusiasm is my own.

We've lived in the farm house for four years now, so I've slowly been working on decorating.  My home decor taste is usually out of my budget, so I have to work slow and look for deals.  I have pretty much the entire house that I want to redecorate, including bedrooms, so I'm thankful for sites like Groupon that helps me save money.

Save Money on Home Decor with Groupon

With Groupon, I can save on most anything for the home, including the bedroom, kitchen, bath, living areas, and even the back patio.  I can even save on a mattress when I redo my bedroom!  Shopping online for Groupon Goods can help save a significant amount of money.  

The deals on Groupon can change frequently, so you'll want to check frequently to see what's available.  The amount of money that you can save varies by the product.  Some products have 20 percent savings, and other products are marked more than 50 percent off!

It's easy to find what you're looking for on Groupon.  You can use the search bar the top if you know exactly what you want to buy.  If you're just browsing, you can go through the categories to narrow it down.  You can also narrow down the results by price, color, or brand so you only see the results that you want.

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Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Imagine a Life Without Leaks

Women will often freely share their pregnancy stories, but not many will talk about what happens after the baby is born.  Our bodies are permanently changed, and it's not always for the better.  Along with sagging body parts, stretch marks, and usually some extra weight, some women also experience light bladder leakage (LBL) after childbirth.  If you're experiencing it too, you are not alone.

According to Poise, up to 50 percent of women who have given birth experience LBL before the age of 40.  Ladies, that means it's very likely that your friends are also experiencing it too.  

LBL continues to be a taboo subject among women, but it shouldn't be.  It's just one of those things that most women have to go through as moms, and it's nothing to be ashamed of or embarrassed about.

If you experience LBL, Poise pads are the best option because they absorb quickly and trap odor.  You might be tempted to use period pads so you don't have to buy another product, but Poise are made for LBL, so they are better for LBL.

With Poise, LBL won't interfere with your life.  Imagine taking your kids to the park or watching their play at the school without worrying about leaks.  Wouldn't that be nice!

And if you go to Sam's Club, you can save up to $4 on Poise liners and up to $7 on Poise pads.  You can also stock up so you don't run out or have to make another trip to the store, which is why I love to buy in bulk.

Not a Sam's Club member?  Click here to learn about the many benefits of becoming a member.  
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Thursday, June 23, 2016

How to Take Care of Your Septic System

This post is sponsored by Roto-Rooter.  As always, all enthusiasm is my own.

The first two homes that my husband and I lived in were in the city limits, so we were connected to the sewer system. We moved to a farm four years ago, and now we have a septic system.  My husband used to work for a waste water company, so he knew how to take care of it.  I grew up with a septic system, so it wasn't new to me either.  The only thing that I miss about being connected to a sewer system is my garbage disposal.  Those are a no no with a septic system, unfortunately.

It's very important to take care of your septic system.  If you don't, you could get septic buildup, which are plugged lines.  If this happens, your septic system can leech in to your yard and even back in to your home!  Trust me, this is not something you ever want to deal with.  It's messy, and it's very costly to repair.  Learn how to take care of your septic system to preserve it and avoid spending $1000s in repairs.

How to take care of a septic system.

Don't Add Too Much Water 

Be mindful of your water consumption when you have a septic because too much water can knock the biological system out of balance.  If you add too much water, your septic can back up in to your house.  We have a large tank, so this isn't an issue, but if your tank is smaller, this is something to keep in mind.

Enzyme Treatments

Using an enzyme treatment monthly can help prevent your septic from backing up.  We use Roto-Rooter Natural Enzyme Septic Treatment because it has twice as many enzymes.

The enzymes work on paper waste, oils, fats, protein, and grease to eliminate them.  It can help reduce odors and dampness in your leech field, and it helps prevent costly repairs.

What I love about Roto-Rooter, besides how well it works, is that I can buy a four month supply in one bottle.  I don't have to guess how much to add because it has a chamber that you fill to measure out the correct amount.

To use an enzyme treatment, just pour it in your toilet once a month and flush.  Yes, it really is that easy!  

Chemicals and Your Septic

Watch what chemicals you dump down the drain.  Common household cleaners are find when used in moderation.  Drain cleaners, bleach, and household cleaners are all safe.  What isn't safe is cleaning water for latex paint or rinsing out paint cans.

Food Waste & Other Items

As I said, garbage disposals and septic systems don't play nice.  Don't put any cooking fat or coffee grounds down your drain.  You also shouldn't flush paper towels, tissues, or other items that don't decompose.

Not all toilet paper is safe for a septic system.  Some will not decompose quickly, which can clog your system.  To test your tissue, wad up a few pieces and put in a jar half filled with water and shake the jar.  If the tissue breaks up, it is safe for a septic system.

Do you have a septic system?

Roto-Rooter Gel Clog Remover

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