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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Owl Fall Yarn Wreath with Chicken Wire and Burlap Flowers

 How to make an owl fall yard wreath with chicken wire and no sew burlap flowers. This is an adorable wreath that's perfect for a covered front porch or hang in your home.

I started this wreath over two years ago before we moved. We used to live in an allotment, so I had a nice porch and had pretty wreaths.

Now we live in a farm house half of a mile from the road and I don't have a porch. 

That's partly why this wreath sat for so long, but the other part was because I had the wreath yarn wrapped and the felt owl, but it just would not stay glued to the wreath. 

I was going to put it right on the wreath, but it kept falling off. I finally set everything aside until I got another idea.

Since we have chickens now and my 8-year-old absolutely loves them, quite a few chicken decorations have made their way to our dining room. 

I was looking around, moving stuff around, and it hit me. Chicken wire! Why can't I put chicken wire behind the wreath and attach the owl to that? So I did. And here's how I did it.

Owl Fall Wreath with Chicken Wire

Owl Fall Wreath Supplies

Yarn Wreath

I used an 18 inch straw wreath form that I found at a thrift store.  I wrapped in in plastic wrap to get a smooth surface and so the straw didn't poke through.

I had already wrapped the straw wreath with yarn, so I don't have photos of that. It's super easy though.

Just tie the yarn around the wreath and wrap it around. Keep wrapping until your arm feels like it's going to fall off, then wrap some more to finish it.

Felt Owl

I found the felt owl at Pat Catan's. It's also available on Amazon

I didn't know what I wanted to do with it, but I knew that I had to own it. Darice made other large felt shapes, too.

Burlap Flowers

I made no sew burlap flowers to use on this owl fall wreath.  You can also buy premade burlap flowers.

I used buttons from my grandma's sewing tin to attach to the center.

Chicken Wire

I used chicken wire from the feed store.  I realize most people will probably never step foot into a feed store though. 

Amazon has plenty of chicken wire.  Just make sure it's wider than the wreath opening.

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Owl Fall Wreath Supplies


Fall Wreath Directions

Step #1

The first thing I wanted to do was attach the chicken wire to the back of the wreath.

I just laid the wire on top of the wreath and use wire cutters to cut the chicken wire.

Now I had a problem. My chicken wire was curved because it's been on a roll forever. No problem, I'll just staple it down. Note: you can not staple chicken wire to a wreath.

On to plan B. Hot glue.

Step #2

The wire just kept bending again, so what I did was glue a spot and hold it until the glue was cooled. The wire transfers the heat, so use a pencil eraser to push the wire down.

Once the first spot was stuck, I went directly across the wreath and did it again. Then I moved around the wreath and glued. I glued every 2-4 inches and held it down until the glue dried.

Step #3

Once I had the chicken wire securely attached, I flipped the wreath over and put it on silicon mat so I could attach the owl. I glued around the edges of the owl and pressed it down until the glue dried.

Step #4

Then I placed my burlap flowers around it until I was happy with the placement. I used hot glue to attach those too.

Step #5

I really liked the burlap, but I thought it needed a little something else. I grabbed my grandma's box of buttons and found some fall colored ones and put them in the middle of the flowers.

Perfect! The buttons gave it just the right amount of color. I added some burlap at the top for some balance and to hang it with.

This is going to hang in my living room because no one will see it on my door, so I might as well enjoy it myself. I have owls on my shelves and on a ledge near the ceiling, so it fits right in.