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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

How to Make Easy Burlap Flowers Without Sewing

Learn how to make rustic burlap flowers without sewing.  These no sew burlap flowers can be used on a wreath or other DIY project for an inexpensive flower.  These are perfect for farmhouse style decor.

This morning, I decided that today was the day I finished my fall wreath that I started two years ago.

 Yes, you read that right.  Two years ago!  

I had found the most hideously ugly but huge straw wreath at a thrift store.  It was just begging to come home with me for a redo.  

I found the main thing I wanted on it, but then I had a road block.  I finally got a great idea, and I made it today.  

I'll show you the wreath later this week.  First, I want to show you the burlap flowers that I made.  

I've used a couple of tutorials to make itty bitty flowers, but I needed these to be a bit larger.  This technique is so much easier than how I made my other ones, and I think it looks great on my wreath.

How to Make Easy Burlap Flowers Without Sewing

These are so quick to make too.  I made 8 of them in under an hour, and that included gathering supplies, letting my glue gun warm up, testing one, photographing one, and making the rest of them.

 Once you do on, you could do each one in just a few minutes.  Grab your glue gun and burlap and meet me back here to learn how to make these burlap flowers.  

I used burlap ribbon because the edges are sealed.  You can use a yard of fabric and trim it, but it might shed a little bit.

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Burlap Flower Supplies

  • 12" piece of burlap ribbon 2.5" wide (I got mine from Consumer Crafts, but you can also find it on Amazon)
  • Glue gun (having a cute glue gun pad to sit it on helps too)

How to Make Burlap Flowers Without Sewing Directions

Step #1

Turn over the bottom edge of the burlap ribbon and glue to make a seam.  Since the glue runs right through the fabric, do this on your glue gun pad or a silicon mat.  

I started gluing the entire width of the ribbon, but then I started doing half at a time so it was easier to handle. 

Hot glue is hot (duh!), so use a pencil or the end of your scissors or a hat pin or something to push the fabric down while it cools.  

Step #2

Now move to the other end of your burlap and pull the center piece of thread.  Keep pulling it out, working the burlap down as you go.  I started at the top to get a good start and then moved to the bottom.  

Step #3

Keep pulling until you have a scrunched up piece of burlap.  I didn't make mine super tight because I wanted a pouffy burlap flower.  You can make your as tight or as loose as you want.  

Step #4

To finish your homemade burlap flower, simply fold the end with the string over and glue it to the other end where you already glued.  

Again, use a pencil or something to hold the pieces together.  Otherwise, hot glue could run down your fingertip and under your nail.  That hurts really bad for a really long time, so please use a pencil, k?

Ta da!  Here's your finished no sew burlap flower.

I used my no sew burlap flowers to make my owl wreath.  This is my favorite wreath that I've ever made.  It hangs in my bedroom all year and in the dining room in the fall.