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15 Liquid Castile Soap Uses

Learn liquid castile soap uses to use this natural soap in your home.  This is a gentle cleaner that can be used for cleaning your home, dishes, and even bathing or as a hand soap or shampoo. Ten years ago, when Caleb was still a baby, he developed environmental allergies and breathing problems.  He would later get diagnosed with asthma, but even before then, his allergist suggested that I not use chemicals to clean.  Even that short of a time ago, using natural cleaners wasn't popular. I found some recipes online, tried them, played with them, and came up with my own recipes.  I loved making my own cleaning products because I saved a lot of money and because if I ran out of something, I could just make more.  Most cleaning product recipes use many of the same ingredients, so I just have to keep those on hand to make more of my products. One of the ingredients that I always try to keep on the shelf is liquid castile soap because it's so versatile.  Seriously, you&#

21 of the Best Craft Kits for Adults

Here are the best craft kits for adults from Amazon and Etsy.  Save time when you buy a kit with all of the supplies needed to make a craft or home decor item. I've heard that crafting and collecting craft supplies are actually two different hobbies.  I'm fortunate enough to have my own craft room.  I have a spare bedroom outfitted with cabinets, a table, and shelves to hold more supplies than I care to admit that I have. Even though I have a lot of supplies, there are still things that I don't have in my stash.  Few things are more frustrating than wanting to start and finish a project only to find out that you don't have everything that you need. When I do shop for supplies, I either pay more per item to get one or buy in bulk to save money on supplies.  These best craft kits for adults have everything you need to make a craft. No more going from store to store to find each separate item on your list.  You won't need to wait for shipping for hard to fi

Homemade Pill Pockets for Dogs Grain Free

How to make homemade pill pockets for dogs.  I made mine grain free with coconut flour, but you can use regular flour.  I used a natural peanut butter with flax seeds and chia seeds to promote skin health. Nacho is my 10-year-old chihuahua.  He's my forever baby.  The kids joke that he's my favorite child because he's so spoiled. Last June, he had two seizures.  I rushed him to the vet, but we didn't start seizure medicine.  In November, he had several big seizures in one day, which required a trip to the doggy emergency room and finally starting on seizure medicine. At first, Nacho loved his morning and evening treats.  He would happily take the treat and the pill and then ask for more.   He soon figured out that I was hiding treats in his cheese, so he would spit it out and then ask for more.   It's not fun to get a pill in him.  Before he was grain free, I would use peanut butter on a small piece of bread.  Now we use cheese or a small pie

Frugal Gardening Tips and Tricks

Whether you're starting your first garden or have been gardening for a few years, here are some frugal gardening tips and tricks to help you save money. When we got married, we had an established garden at our first house.  We planted food and ate it and canned some leftovers.  It wasn't a big garden, so we didn't can a lot. The next house didn't have the layout or the soil for gardening.  The yard was steeply sloped and what wasn't sloped had horrible soil. Then we moved to the farm.  We now have four garden plots, so we have a lot of room to garden.  We have loam soil.  It's a combination of clay, silt, and sand.  It's perfect for growing food, so we have a great crop each year. I can hundreds of jars each year between the garden and the orchard.  I make pickles, pie fillings, salsa, sauces, and veggies.  It helps us save a lot of money on our food budget. However, we aren't saving money if that money goes into the garden.  I'd be e

Crock Pot Broccoli Cheese Soup With Velveeta (Just like The Barn in Smithville, Ohio)

How to make Crock Pot broccoli cheese soup with Velveeta and frozen broccoli.  This is a delicious recipe made with noodles that can be eaten as a meal or with a sandwich. I live near a very small town.  There is only one stop light in town, and that's just because there's a state route that runs through town.  There aren't many businesses in town, but there is a touristy restaurant on the edge of town. The Barn in Smithville, Ohio, is appropriately named because it's in an old barn.  It's a large restaurant with two levels.  One has a full menu and salad bar, and the other level has a buffet. The Barn attracts visitors from several hours away.  They are famous for their broccoli cheese soup and soup and salad bar.  When we do go there, that's what I order. A few years ago, my step mom gave me a recipe for The Barn broccoli cheese soup.  I don't know anyone who works there, so I don't know if it's exactly how they make theirs, but it does