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How to Make Bee House DIY

Learn how to make a bee house to give bees a shelter and safe space for breeding.  This is an easy and inexpensive bamboo bee house that can hang in your yard.  This is a great DIY idea for kids and makes a wonderful addition to a homeschool curriculum or use to supplement learning. When we moved to the farm eight years ago, one thing we wanted to do was get bee hives.  I use honey in my DIY beauty recipes and in cooking, and we thought it would be fun to have bees and get our own honey. But between picking up fallen trees after each gust of wind, gardening, taking care of animals, and general life, the bee hives just haven't happened.  Yet. Thankfully, I get get local raw honey fairly cheap, so I have a good supply of that.  However, our bees do need space to live and bee houses.   Learn how to make a bee hotel to give bees a safe place to breed.  Mason bees fill the bee house DIY with larva in the spring, and the mature bees emerge the following spring.  

Crown Royal Peach Tea Recipe

Peach Crown Royal is back!  Use it to make this easy Crown Royal peach tea recipe and other peach Crown Royal mixed drinks.  This is an easy recipe with just two ingredients plus ice, so it's very easy to make at home or when you're at a party.  I also have directions on how to make it with brewed tea, so you can make this peach Crown Recipes any way you like it. Summer is my favorite time of the year.  School is over, and so are most of our extracurricular activities.  It's really the lazy days of summer. We like having fires and inviting friends over or going to other people's houses for a fire or a late night card game.   I enjoy the seasonal peach Crown Royal, so I was looking for Crown Royal peach mixed drink recipes.  This peach iced tea cocktail is simple to make.  I used a can of iced tea for my Crown Royal peach tea recipe, so I can keep them on the shelf and not have to brew tea to make it.  However, you can use fresh tea if you want to.

Easy Herbs to Grow at Home

Learn the best herbs to grow at home for beginners.  This list of easy herbs to grow at home has commonly used cooking herbs that anyone, even a first time gardener, can easily grow at home.  These are the easiest herbs to grow in pots, so you can even plant them on a patio or in an apartment. Using high quality herbs in your cooking makes a big difference in the taste of your food.  I buy my dried herbs from an Amish bulk food store or grow my own.   I have a drawer full of different types of herbs, so I don't grow each one each year.  Dried herbs are usually good for up to three years, so I can rotate them each year. In the summer, I like using fresh herbs in my cooking.  It gives my food an amazing flavor that you just can't get from dried herbs. Using homegrown herbs takes it up another notch.  They have more flavor than herbs you find in stores.   They will have more flavor and taste fresher.  It makes a big difference in your cooking. If you're new to growing herbs, h

Gardening Hacks for Beginners

Learn how to make gardening easier with these gardening hacks for beginners.  Whether you're new to gardening or have been gardening for years, these gardening hacks and tips will help you save time and money while increasing your yield. Gardening is hard work, but it's very rewarding.  Having a backyard garden used to be popular, and most suburban or rural homes had one. It decreased in popularity for several years, but more and more people and turning to gardening and learning how to do gardening at home.   We went big with our first garden.  And we made a lot of mistakes.  It took a few years to figure out what worked, what didn't, and how to maximize our time and effort for the best yield each year.   We learned several gardening life hacks.  These tips for gardens help us save time and money, so we can get the most yield for our time.

Flower Pot Spring Wreath for Front Door (Dollar Tree Wreath Idea)

Learn how to make a Dollar Tree wreath for spring.  This adorable flower pot wreath is perfect for spring and through summer.  Get Dollar Tree wreath ideas to make an inexpensive wreath for your front door or hang in your home.  This spring wreath for front door is easy to make with supplies from the dollar store. I needed a new spring wreath for front door, so I headed to my favorite store for craft supplies: Dollar Tree.  I was browsing and of course ended up in the gardening section because that will be my life until fall. I found these adorable little terra cotta pots and thought they would make a really cute flower pot wreath.  Dollar Tree didn't disappoint with the flowers and greenery either. I had the spring grapevine wreath that I picked up somewhere else, but the terra cotta flower pots, moss, and flowers are from Dollar Tree. I didn't even add a ribbon, but you totally could.  Dollar Tree has some adorable ribbons to make a Dollar Tree wreath DIY. Flower Pot Spring W

How to Make Pillow Mist For Sleep

How to make a pillow spray for sleep and how to use a pillow mist.  Promote better sleep with this easy recipe that uses essential oils to  promote natural relaxation and better sleep.   Raise your hand if you go to bed exhausted and then lay in bed for hours and can't fall asleep.  You can't see it, but mine are up too. I use a passive diffuser beside my bed for oils, but I recently made the best pillow spray for sleep to use my oils with. This was a recipe from the April 2021 essential oil recipe box.  The theme was rest and relaxation, and it has some great oils in it.

Quick and Easy Orange Pomegranate Jelly Instant Pot Recipe

Learn how to make a quick and easy orange pomegranate jelly in the Instant Pot.  This makes a small batch that doesn't need canned for preserving.  Also learn how to thicken jam with cornstarch without the need for pectin. We have an orchard with apples, peaches, plums, and cherries, so I do make a lot of jams and jellies each year.  I can them to preserve them for the winter and the following spring.   However, we really only use a lot of strawberry jam, grape jelly, and peach jam.  For other flavors, I make them in small batches and don't can them.   Enter the Instant Pot.  It makes quick work of making jams and jellies for small batches. As if that's not easy enough, you can also learn how to thicken jam with cornstarch.  That's right, you don't even need a box of pectin to make this orange pomegranate jelly recipe! Orange Pomegranate Jelly Instant Pot Recipe Can You Can Jelly in Instant Pot? This orange pomegranate jelly recipe won't make enough to can, so y

Succulent DIY Essential Oil Diffuser (Dollar Tree Craft)

Learn how to make your own essential oil diffuser.  This succulent DIY essential oil diffuser is easy to make in under 10 minutes.  It's a Dollar Tree craft, so it's inexpensive to make.  This makes a great diffuser for an office, bedroom, or other small space because it's pretty as well as functional. I use my essential oils in several different ways, but the method that I use most is diffusing.  I diffuse oils during the day to uplift my mood or to help me concentrate, and I diffuse at night to promote relaxation and sleep. I do use an electric diffuser in the main living area, but for smaller spaces I use passive diffusion.   I like the passive diffusion because I don't have to worry about water.  I use the same oils or blends often, so I don't need to worry about mixing all of my oils.   I was using a water diffuser in my office, but it was a pain to go get water for it and to clean it when it needed cleaning.   So I made this rock oil diffuser for passive diffu

How to Make a Chapstick Holder With Keychain

 Learn how to make a Chapstick holder keychain so you don't lose your favorite lip balm.  This is an easy sewing project that's perfect for beginners.  You don't even need a pattern to sew Chapstick holder; just cut your fabric in the dimensions given.   My grandmother was a talented seamstress.  She tried to teach me to sew, and I even made a few things for 4-H when I was a kid. Unfortunately, I lack the spatial ability to sew much more than a straight line. The sewing genes skipped a few generations though.  My daughter is becoming quite a talented seamstress.   She'd love to make a career combining her two loves: sewing and theater.  Right now, she's hoping to work in historical fashion and possibly in theater. Until then, she's been helping me.  I was constantly losing my lip balm, so I had her teach me how to make a Chapstick holder keychain. Okay, so she really did sew Chapstick holder and I mostly just took photos and watched. But I promise you, this is a

Bunny Butt Chocolate Covered Oreos Easter

These adorable bunny butt chocolate covered Oreos Easter treats recipe are perfect for putting in Easter baskets or setting out for an Easter snack.  They are easy to make without a special mold.  These are an easy no bake Easter chocolate treats to make, and older kids can help make them with some adult supervision. My daughter loves to make things with melted chocolate like these chocolate dipped Oreos.  Since Easter is close, I asked her to help me make them for Easter treats ideas. She's set up with a chocolate melting pot and several molds, but I wanted an easy Easter treats DIY for my readers.  I didn't want to use a special mold or special equipment, but you totally could if you want to. I like these homemade Easter treats because they are easy to make and no bake.  You'll need some Oreos, chocolate, and about an hour to make them. Your guests, however, will think that you spent hours in the kitchen making recipes for Easter treats. I'll also have some variations

How to Clean With Hydrogen Peroxide

Hydrogen peroxide as cleaner isn't as commonly used as baking soda or vinegar as a natural cleaning option, but hydrogen peroxide can clean several items in your home.  Learn more about using hydrogen peroxide to clean and how to clean with hydrogen peroxide. Using hydrogen peroxide to clean is a safe and effective way to clean many surfaces in your home.  It's inexpensive and easy to find at most big box stores, making it a great natural cleaner to have in your cupboard. Uses for hydrogen peroxide cleaning are for the bathroom, kitchen, and so much more.  Using hydrogen peroxide to clean kills germs on hard surfaces, making it a wonderful natural disinfectant. However, there are some precautions to use when using hydrogen peroxide as cleaner.  Although it's a natural cleaner, it should be used with caution because it can irritate your skin.  It can also lighten fabrics, so be mindful when learning how to clean with hydrogen peroxide. How to Clean With Hydrogen Peroxide Wha

How to Make Glass Cleaner With Vinegar, Cornstarch

Learn how to make glass cleaner for streak free windows.  This recipe for glass cleaner has a secret ingredient: cornstarch.  It helps really get glass clean without leaving streaks. I've been using natural cleaners for over 15 years now.  When my oldest was a baby, I was concerned about using chemicals around him.  My husband has asthma, so making the switch to natural cleaners helped him, too. For several years, I just used vinegar water to clean my windows.  It worked in that it got them clean, but it also left them streaked. I don't like seeing the sun shine in through streaks, so I set out to come up with another DIY glass cleaner recipe that would clean naturally without leaving any streaks. Through trial and error, I found the secret for the best homemade glass cleaner recipe.   Cornstarch (or arrowroot powder). I know it sounds crazy, but it really does help!

47 Recipes from Box Cake Mix

Looking for a quick and easy dessert recipe?  These recipes from box cake mix are simple to make for a delicious dessert or treat for your family.  You can make cake mix dessert recipes like cookies, breads, and more. Sure, homemade cakes are best, but you just can't beat the convenience of a boxed cake mix.  When my store has double coupons and a sale, I stock up.  When you can get them that cheap, it's not worth it to make things from scratch.   I enjoy cake, but you can only make so many cakes before you're sick of them.  If you're wondering what can I made with cake mix, I've compiled several delicious dessert recipes that you can make. Most of these recipes use a yellow or white cake mix, but some use chocolate or other flavors.  I'm sure you can find one that you love. If you want to make a traditional cake, learn these boxed cake mix hacks to make it taste like homemade. Otherwise, keep reading for several recipes using cake mix to make for a quick dess

Mermaid Dunkaroo Dip Recipe

Learn how to make Dunkaroo dip at home.  This 4 ingredient cake batter dip is the latest Tiktok trend and is an easy recipe based on the classic Dunkaroo cookies and dip that were discontinued several years ago.  This makes a delicious dessert dip for both kids and adults, and the fun mermaid Dunkaroo dip with cream cheese variation is perfect for pool parties or kids birthday parties. Do you remember Dunkaroos?  They were packs of crackers with a creamy frosting like dip.  I used to love them, but of course my mom rarely bought them. When my kids were little, I used to get them a Dunkaroo dip snack sometimes.  Of course, Mom had to take one or two packs just for nostalgia's sake.   Thanks to the wonder of the Internet and Tiktok, now I have a cake batter dip recipe to share with all of you!  I made mine a mermaid Dunkaroo dip recipe, but you can make other variations or make a funfetti dip recipe. I made this when we will be at the lake all day or at home swimming.  It's a qui

Healthy Blueberry Muffin Recipe With Greek Yogurt

Learn how to make a healthy blueberry muffin recipe.  This is a moist and delicious way to make blueberry muffins with Greek yogurt.  The yogurt makes them light and moist even with the addition of whole wheat flour.  These freeze well, so you can make them ahead of time and eat them when you want a delicious muffin. To say that my son loves blueberry muffins is an understatement.  His grandparents even get him blueberry muffin mixes for his birthday and Christmas as a joke. He's a bit of a muffin connoisseur.  When my kids were little, I used to teach them about  math and science by baking. One summer, we set out to make the best ever blueberry muffins.  We tried at least two recipes a week, making notes to tweak them to make the next batch better.   We did end up making the best ever blueberry muffins, but this kid loves his muffins.  So mom had to make some more adjustments. This blueberry muffin recipe with Greek yogurt is a much healthier version of the classic recipe.  I made