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Monday, December 6, 2021

Family Fun New Year's Eve Ideas + Gummy Bear Mocktail Recipe

Get family new year's eve ideas to celebrate the new year with your entire family.  I also have a cute gummy bear mocktail recipe that's a fun way for kids and adults to have a bubbly drink while waiting for the ball to drop.

Family New Year's Eve Ideas

Before kids, we used to have some friends over and partake in a few adult drinks and celebrate the new year.  

Everyone spent the night, so we were all responsible.  We were all responsible, so it never got too wild.  Just some loud music since we didn't have close neighbors and some movies.  

As soon as our oldest came along, we switched to family friendly New Year's Eve festivities.  As we had two more kids and they got old enough to know what the holiday was, we made sure that we had fun as a family.

We've gone to friends or family for NYE during the day, but we are always home for dinner and then to wait for the countdown.

We don't always do the same things each year.  However, we do have a tradition that we stay home.  We don't drink adult drinks, but I do make some simple mocktail recipes and get out the fancy glasses so the kids feel grown up.

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New Year's Eve Ideas for Families

No matter how old your kids are, here are some fun family friendly ideas to celebrate the new year.

Game Night

Many years, we have a family game night.  Actually, it's pretty much the entire day.  This is when we play Monopoly or Risk because we have all day to play it.  

When the kids were little, we would play several quick games like Taboo, Uno, or Apples to Apples.

Dance Party

We like to have a dance party on New Year's Eve.  We like to play Just Dance as a family and listen to our favorite songs.

Movie Day

Another of our favorite New Year's Eve family ideas is to have a movie day.  We stay in our PJs and cuddle on the couch with blankets and watch movies.

The Harry Potter series is always popular for our family.  However, lately the kids like Marvel movies.  


Some years we ordered pizza.  Other years I let the kids pick their favorite foods, and we made all of them.  

I like to make dinner a little different for that night.  We also have lots of chips, snacks, and other things we don't normally get to eat at home.

Bucket List

I decorated a small bucket and we added things that we want to do.  The only rule is that they have to be done in one day and not crazy expensive.  The kids added things like a zoo trip, going to their favorite park an hour away, and visiting a favorite restaurant.  

Then through the year, we can look at these and make our family day plans.  

Celebrate Accomplishments

We also like to talk about the previous year and what we've accomplished or done.  We talk about trips we made and anything we did that we're proud of.  

When they were little, this could be learning to ride a bike, going to preschool for the first time, and other big milestones.  Now that they are older, it's getting their license and getting a college acceptance.  (Pass the tissues because this stage is hard on a momma!)

Counting Down Until Midnight

When the kids were little, we would start a countdown at around 6 pm.  One year, I use lunch bags and wrote the time on them.  Inside, there was either a fun activity or game to play and maybe some treats for everyone.

One year I wrote the activities on a small piece of paper and put it in a balloon.  The kids got to pop a balloon each hour.  The chihuahua really didn't like that activity!

Noise Makers

One year, we spent a few hours with the neighbors and she invited the kids to go outside and make noise just after midnight.  I'd never heard of that tradition, but the loud noises are supposed to scare the evil spirits away for the new year.

So the kids grabbed pots and pans and wooden spoons and went outside to make some noise.  They had a blast, and it cost nothing!

My kids also like New Year's Eve noise makers to use in the house.  Again, the dog really isn't a fan, but the little noise makers aren't very loud.

Easy Mocktails for Kids

Although I don't usually make a big meal, the kids love having kid friendly mocktails.  Our good glasses are strictly off limits except for the holidays.

I'm a bit of a gummy bear aficionado, so one year I created a gummy bear mocktail that I'll share below.

Party Hats

Family New Year's Eve ideas wouldn't be complete without party hats!  Some years I buy NYE party hats for everyone, and other years the kids make their own.

Gummy Bear Mocktail Recipe

If you're looking for easy mocktails for kids, it doesn't get much easier than this!  This is a 2-ingredient recipe, but I'll have some variations that you can make after the recipe.

Gummy Bear Mocktail Ingredients

To make a New Years champagne mocktail, you will need:

Gummy Bear New Year's Eve Drink for Kids

To make gummy bear kid friendly mocktails, simply place a handful of gummy bears in a champagne flute.

Then top with sparkling grape juice.  

The gummy bears will start to dissolve, which makes the juice taste like gummy bears!

New Year's Eve Mocktails Variations

Here some cute ways to dress up your easy mocktails for kids and some variations:

  • Rim the glasses with New Year's Eve sugar sprinkles.  To do this, dip the rim of the glass in water and then dip in the sprinkles.  Let dry for a few minutes to help them stick.
  • Use sparkling apple cider instead of the sparkling apple juice.
  • For younger kids, place the gummy bears on a cocktail pick.  Remove them before your kids start drinking to prevent choking.
  • Use white cranberry juice instead of sparkling grape juice.
  • Use sparkling water or Ice drink instead of sparkling grape juice.
  • Use gummy worms instead of gummy bears.

I hope you enjoy simple mocktail recipes and these family New Year's Eve ideas!

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Gummy Bear Mocktail Recipe

Gummy Bear Mocktail Recipe

Cari @ Koti Beth
Prep time
5 Min
Cook time
5 Min
Total time
10 Min
How to make an easy two ingredient gummy bear mocktail.


  • 6 ounces sparkling grape juice
  • 10 gummy bears


  1. Place gummy bears in a champagne flute.
  2. Fill with sparkling grape juice.


For younger kids, place gummy bears on a cocktail pick so they don't choke. You can also use sparkling water or sparkling apple cider.

Nutrition Facts



Fat (grams)


Sat. Fat (grams)


Carbs (grams)


Fiber (grams)


Net carbs


Sugar (grams)


Protein (grams)


Sodium (milligrams)


Cholesterol (grams)

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