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Instant Pot Apple Cinnamon Oatmeal Recipe

 How to make an easy and delicious Instant Pot apple cinnamon oatmeal recipe.  In about 10 minutes, your family will enjoy a hot breakfast.  This Instant Pot oatmeal recipe uses fresh apples and old fashioned oats. It takes me a cup or two of coffee before I get moving in the morning.  I can barely function before that first cup of coffee. My kids are teens now, so they can get their own breakfasts.  Although they are happy with cereal or toast, I do like them to have something a little more filling if we have a big day ahead. This Instant Pot apple cinnamon oatmeal recipe is a great way to start the day.  It has fresh apples, so they get some fruit and some long lasting grains. It uses old fashioned oats and fresh apples, and it's so delicious.  It's a warm and filling breakfast that takes little brain power before I get my coffee.   This instant Pot oatmeal rolled oats also reheats well, so make some on Monday to enjoy all week. Instant Pot Apple Cinnamon Oatmeal Recipe How D

How to Get Motivated to Clean and Declutter

 Learn how to get motivated to clean and declutter.  These tips and tricks will help you take small steps to get started no matter how overwhelmed you are. No one wants to clean.  Well, almost no one.   If you're having a hard time getting motivation for cleaning house, know that you aren't alone.  Maybe you've been busy or just had a major lifestyle change.  Maybe you just don't know how to clean.  Maybe you just haven't felt like it. Life happens.   But now you want to make some changes and learn how to get motivated to clean and declutter. The good news is that it's not too late.  You can find the motivation that you need to get started.   These tips will help you find motivation for cleaning house. How to Get Motivated to Clean and Declutter Identify Why You Don't Have Motivation for Cleaning Your House I know it sounds so basic, but first take some time to reflect on the problem.  Talk to people that you live with and or friends to see if they can help.

How to Make Wax Bark With Soy Wax, Essential Oils

Learn how to make wax brittle with essential oils and herbs.  This is an easy DIY to make at home with soy wax, essential oils, and herbs.  Use it like you would a wax melt for a natural scent in your home and aromatherapy. I am happy when my house smells good.  I used to use candles and wax melts, but now I make my own.  I use my essential oil diffuser or use essential oils to make wax melts.  I want to show you how to make wax brittle with essential oils.  Wax brittle, or wax bark, is similar to a wax melt.  However, it's poured in a thin flat layer so it breaks apart.  It gives it an interesting look, so it looks pretty even while you're storing it. What I really like about soy wax brittle is that you can use as much or as little as you want.  It's also easy to combine scents because you can use a little bit of this and a little piece of that to create a custom scent. For this DIY wax bark, I made peppermint and lemon wax brittle and made them a little extra with some he

Magical Unicorn Hot Chocolate Recipe

 Learn how to make magical unicorn hot chocolate recipe.  This is a fun winter drink that looks amazing, but it's actually easy to make!  This is perfect for a unicorn themed party, but I think every day is a good day for a unicorn treat. My daughter and I might be a little unicorn obsessed.  Yes, I know that this magical unicorn hot chocolate recipe is just colored hot chocolate, but it's still fun. We are a bit extra.  Everything we do has to have a little something more than just basic.   It's just who we are.   We both love hot chocolate, so we learned how to make unicorn hot chocolate for a fun twist. Magical Unicorn Hot Chocolate Recipe We like our hot chocolate here.  We have a farm, and the work doesn't stop in the winter.   After spending time taking care of the goat, shoveling snow, or stacking wood, it's nice to have a nice hot cup of hot cocoa.   Dakota and I like unicorn hot cocoa, but the boys are boring and just like regular.   If you're looking f

How to Dehydrate Blueberries (Dehydrator, Air Fryer, Oven Directions)

Learn how to dehydrate blueberries in a food dehydrator, air fryer, or oven.  Blueberries are easy to dry, and you can use them in several different recipes.   We have exactly one blueberry bush.  It gives us enough berries for a batch of blueberry muffins each year and that's about it. That's assuming the chickens don't eat the berries first.  I have video of one sitting on the branches so another can eat the berries.  Then they switch. We love blueberries for pancakes, muffins, and breads, so I buy extra from the Amish and other local growers and save them for later.   I learned how to dry blueberries so I can save them for the rest of the summer and for the long winter since they have a short season.

Instant Pot Chicken Broth Recipe

How to make Instant Pot chicken broth recipe with a whole chicken carcass.  These Instant Pot bone broth directions are easy to follow and make a delicious broth to use in soups or other recipes. My dad and stepmom got me an Instant Pot for Christmas.  I think they were expecting me to cook dinner in it, but I made lotion in my Instant Pot.   After I cleaned it out, I did use it to make food.  I love making a whole chicken, beef roasts, and pork chops in it. If you use an Instant Pot, then you know that you'll use a lot of chicken broth.  It needs a lot of water, and the broth just infuses flavor in your meat and makes it tender. I've been making my own broth for years.  Normally, this means simmering a pot on the stove for hours and carefully watching it so it doesn't boil over.   I tried making it in the Instant Pot, and that's how I'll be making it from now on. I just had to throw my ingredients in the liner, fill with water, and turn it on for 75 minutes.  Since

Easy Coffee Can Bird Feeder and Bird House Craft for Kids or Adults

This easy coffee can bird feeder is also a coffee can bird house.  It's a great upcycle project for kids or for adults.  You can leave it plain or paint it for a fun craft activity.  This would be a great project for scout troops to learn about birds and upcycle to make a useful project. We live on a smaller farm at only 12 acres, but it's pretty much like an animal sanctuary.  We have deer, squirrels, and lots of birds. Our house sits nested in a little corner with trees lining two sides of the house.  It helps hide the house, and the birds love the trees.   I hang bird feeders in the trees to attract the birds.  We have several blue jays and cardinals that eat there.  There are also several other birds that I have no idea what they are to be honest. I enjoy watching the birds flutter around in the trees and bushes.  The cats also like to sit in the window and watch the birds. The kids needed a project to do, so we made this easy coffee can bird feeder and bird house.  The bir

Healthy Strawberry Muffin Recipe With Fresh Strawberries

This healthy strawberry muffin recipe is a delicious way to use fresh strawberries.  It's made with Greek yogurt, and it doesn't have refined sugar or white flour.  I also have options to make this vegan or dairy free.   Although we don't really celebrate Valentine's Day, I still like to make the kids some themed treats each year.   Red dye is a no no for my middle one, so I use naturally dyed foods instead.   For Valentine's Day, it was just natural to make a fresh strawberry muffin recipe.   Of course, these muffins with applesauce instead of oil aren't limited to Valentine's Day; they are delicious any time of the year. I also make them with strawberries are in season in early June.  I buy a flat of berries and make a fresh strawberry muffin recipe along with some jam.

How to Make Gel Air Fresheners

How to make a DIY essential oil gel air freshener to scent your home naturally.  This is easy to make and lasts for several months.  These also work great in the car as long as it's not too hot.  This is an essential oil air freshener recipe made with natural ingredients for a natural home. If you have pets or kids, then you probably need an air freshener at some point.  Between the litter boxes and putting the ADHD kid in charge of trash duty, let's just say I've had a need for one recently. I also want to keep my home smelling fresh because we have therapists coming a few times a week.  I just like having a nice smelling home.  I used to use my tart burner all the time, but I have to be careful with it because we have cats.  When a cat steps in melted wax, they instinctively shake their paw and fling wax all over the walls and ceiling.  Yes, that happened to my poor Luie several years ago. I use my diffuser, but I like these for the bedroom or the bathroom where my diffu