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White Chocolate Iced Coffee Recipe

Learn how to make a white chocolate iced coffee recipe.  This white chocolate iced coffee recipe is easy to make sugar free, keto, or dairy free.  It's absolutely delicious, and you'll save a lot of money by making it at home.  This white chocolate mocha iced coffee recipe is easy to make at home, too. White chocolate iced coffee is my weakness.  Not every coffee shop has it, so at least that limits how much I drink when I'm on the go. I learned how to make a Starbucks white chocolate iced coffee at home.  This saves me a lot of calories and a lot of money. This is a very simple recipe.  You'll make a white chocolate syrup, but that can be stored in the fridge for several days. Then it just takes a few moments to assemble your white chocolate iced coffee recipe when you want one. You'll wonder why you ever waited in line in the first place!

Growing Herbs in Pots for Beginners

Learn about container gardening with herbs to grow fresh herbs on your patio or deck.  Grow herbs in pots outside to save space, even if you live in an apartment or don't have a lot of yard space, you can still grow herbs in pots for fresh herbs all summer and dried herbs all winter. I have a large garden, but I prefer to grow herbs in pots.  Part of the reason is that my garden isn't close to the house.   It's about a 5 minute walk to get to the garden.  I can't just pop out and grab some parsley or chives while I'm making dinner. We also have a lot of deer, rabbits, and other wildlife.  If we aren't careful, they turn the garden into an all you can eat buffet.   They do get to my vegetable plants sometimes, but they seem to really like my herbs.  So it's just easier to grow herbs in containers on my patio.

How to Make Strawberry Starburst Jello Shots

If you're looking for a fun grown up drink for summer, try this pink Starburst Jello shots recipe.  It has a fun strawberry lemonade flavor that your guests will love.    Summer is coming!  Summer means bonfires with friends and spending time outside until well after dark. It also means partaking in some adults drinks.  While I'm a White Claw girl (yes, I'm basic), I do enjoy these pink Starburst Jello shots.   My friends love them too!  Jelly shots are a fun drink, and the strawberry Starburst Jello shots have a great summer flavor.  You make them ahead of time, which is perfect for party prep.  Just leave them in the fridge until the party.  No scrabbling to put things together as your guests arrive.

How to Clean the Air in Your Home Naturally

Learn how to clean the air in your home naturally.  These simple natural products will help remove odors for a fresher smelling home. Odors in the house can be a huge hassle, for a variety of reasons. Odors can stem from many sources, and what's worse, they can often linger in the air.  It is important to eliminate odors as soon as possible for several reasons. This is why it is very important to learn how to purify the air in the house. For one, a bad smell in the house can make your home uncomfortable to live in, and during a time where we are all at home much more, an uncomfortable home simply will not do.  Additionally, odors can cause health problems such as headaches if they are too pungent and pervasive. 

Iced Coffee Popsicles Recipe

How to make coffee popsicles.  This is an easy recipe with just three ingredients, and you can customize it with different flavors or even make a boozy coffee popsicles recipe.  This is a fun twist on iced coffee drinks, and it's the perfect summer treat for adults. If you love coffee as much as I do, then you'll love these iced coffee popsicles.  I never thought I'd be an ice coffee fan, but it's my new afternoon pick me up of choice. Cold coffee just didn't sound appetizing for me until last year.  It was hot, I didn't want pop or water, so I tried a cold coffee. That was it.  I was hooked. Then I learned how to make coffee popsicles.  Yum!  It's a great way to cool off on a hot summer day.   As a bonus, you can make them and freeze them in another container, so you can make an assortment of flavors and have them ready when you want to enjoy iced coffee popsicles.

Healthy Strawberry Popsicles With Chia Seeds (Vegan Recipe)

These frozen strawberry popsicles are made with real fruit and chia seeds with without yogurt.  They have a creamy texture thanks to the chia seeds, and they make great breakfast popsicles.  They are vegan popsicles and made without any dairy products that are in most healthy strawberry popsicles. During the school year, I work full time and homeschool three kids.  The oldest needs driven to his college classes (dual enrollment) and the middle one has autism therapy several times a week. Since my kids are homeschooled, they are active in extra activities like scouts, theater, and martial arts.  We have plans at least 5 nights a week. But when summer rolls around, it all stops save martial arts and one scout meeting.  That's when mom gives zero cares about schedules and most thing in general. When I say "lazy days of summer", I truly mean it.  In the summer, swimming counts as a shower, and I don't even care if the kids are up until midnight. We make homemade ice

Companion Planting for Herbs

Learn about companion planting for herbs.  These herbs grow well together either because they like the same soil, light, and water conditions or because they have other benefits.  Some herbs can even modify the taste of some vegetables.  Once you learn which herbs can be grown together, you'll save space and time and, hopefully, enjoy a better yield. I used to plant all of my herbs in their own posts.  I never put them in the garden because I liked them on the patio where I can keep an eye on them for harvesting. The pots I was using eventually started getting old and broken, so I switched to a vertical tiered garden.  I love it for its aesthetics, but then I had to figure out companion planting herb garden basics. Generally, you can plant herbs together and with few exceptions they will grow well.  However, knowing which herbs grow well together can help reduce your maintenance efforts and possibly even increase yield.

How to Make Bee House DIY

Learn how to make a bee house to give bees a shelter and safe space for breeding.  This is an easy and inexpensive bamboo bee house that can hang in your yard.  This is a great DIY idea for kids and makes a wonderful addition to a homeschool curriculum or use to supplement learning. When we moved to the farm eight years ago, one thing we wanted to do was get bee hives.  I use honey in my DIY beauty recipes and in cooking, and we thought it would be fun to have bees and get our own honey. But between picking up fallen trees after each gust of wind, gardening, taking care of animals, and general life, the bee hives just haven't happened.  Yet. Thankfully, I get get local raw honey fairly cheap, so I have a good supply of that.  However, our bees do need space to live and bee houses.   Learn how to make a bee hotel to give bees a safe place to breed.  Mason bees fill the bee house DIY with larva in the spring, and the mature bees emerge the following spring.  

Crown Royal Peach Tea Recipe

Peach Crown Royal is back!  Use it to make this easy Crown Royal peach tea recipe and other peach Crown Royal mixed drinks.  This is an easy recipe with just two ingredients plus ice, so it's very easy to make at home or when you're at a party.  I also have directions on how to make it with brewed tea, so you can make this peach Crown Recipes any way you like it. Summer is my favorite time of the year.  School is over, and so are most of our extracurricular activities.  It's really the lazy days of summer. We like having fires and inviting friends over or going to other people's houses for a fire or a late night card game.   I enjoy the seasonal peach Crown Royal, so I was looking for Crown Royal peach mixed drink recipes.  This peach iced tea cocktail is simple to make.  I used a can of iced tea for my Crown Royal peach tea recipe, so I can keep them on the shelf and not have to brew tea to make it.  However, you can use fresh tea if you want to.

Easy Herbs to Grow at Home

Learn the best herbs to grow at home for beginners.  This list of easy herbs to grow at home has commonly used cooking herbs that anyone, even a first time gardener, can easily grow at home.  These are the easiest herbs to grow in pots, so you can even plant them on a patio or in an apartment. Using high quality herbs in your cooking makes a big difference in the taste of your food.  I buy my dried herbs from an Amish bulk food store or grow my own.   I have a drawer full of different types of herbs, so I don't grow each one each year.  Dried herbs are usually good for up to three years, so I can rotate them each year. In the summer, I like using fresh herbs in my cooking.  It gives my food an amazing flavor that you just can't get from dried herbs. Using homegrown herbs takes it up another notch.  They have more flavor than herbs you find in stores.   They will have more flavor and taste fresher.  It makes a big difference in your cooking. If you're new to growing herbs, h

Gardening Hacks for Beginners

Learn how to make gardening easier with these gardening hacks for beginners.  Whether you're new to gardening or have been gardening for years, these gardening hacks and tips will help you save time and money while increasing your yield. Gardening is hard work, but it's very rewarding.  Having a backyard garden used to be popular, and most suburban or rural homes had one. It decreased in popularity for several years, but more and more people and turning to gardening and learning how to do gardening at home.   We went big with our first garden.  And we made a lot of mistakes.  It took a few years to figure out what worked, what didn't, and how to maximize our time and effort for the best yield each year.   We learned several gardening life hacks.  These tips for gardens help us save time and money, so we can get the most yield for our time.

Flower Pot Spring Wreath for Front Door (Dollar Tree Wreath Idea)

Learn how to make a Dollar Tree wreath for spring.  This adorable flower pot wreath is perfect for spring and through summer.  Get Dollar Tree wreath ideas to make an inexpensive wreath for your front door or hang in your home.  This spring wreath for front door is easy to make with supplies from the dollar store. I needed a new spring wreath for front door, so I headed to my favorite store for craft supplies: Dollar Tree.  I was browsing and of course ended up in the gardening section because that will be my life until fall. I found these adorable little terra cotta pots and thought they would make a really cute flower pot wreath.  Dollar Tree didn't disappoint with the flowers and greenery either. I had the spring grapevine wreath that I picked up somewhere else, but the terra cotta flower pots, moss, and flowers are from Dollar Tree. I didn't even add a ribbon, but you totally could.  Dollar Tree has some adorable ribbons to make a Dollar Tree wreath DIY. Flower Pot Spring W

How to Make Pillow Mist For Sleep

How to make a pillow spray for sleep and how to use a pillow mist.  Promote better sleep with this easy recipe that uses essential oils to  promote natural relaxation and better sleep.   Raise your hand if you go to bed exhausted and then lay in bed for hours and can't fall asleep.  You can't see it, but mine are up too. I use a passive diffuser beside my bed for oils, but I recently made the best pillow spray for sleep to use my oils with. This was a recipe from the April 2021 essential oil recipe box.  The theme was rest and relaxation, and it has some great oils in it.