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Friday, April 16, 2021

Crown Royal Peach Tea Recipe

Peach Crown Royal is back!  Use it to make this easy Crown Royal peach tea recipe and other peach Crown Royal mixed drinks.  This is an easy recipe with just two ingredients plus ice, so it's very easy to make at home or when you're at a party.  I also have directions on how to make it with brewed tea, so you can make this peach Crown Recipes any way you like it.

Summer is my favorite time of the year.  School is over, and so are most of our extracurricular activities.  It's really the lazy days of summer.

We like having fires and inviting friends over or going to other people's houses for a fire or a late night card game.  

I enjoy the seasonal peach Crown Royal, so I was looking for Crown Royal peach mixed drink recipes.  This peach iced tea cocktail is simple to make. 

I used a can of iced tea for my Crown Royal peach tea recipe, so I can keep them on the shelf and not have to brew tea to make it.  However, you can use fresh tea if you want to.

Crown Royal Peach Tea Recipe

I like this Crown Royal peach tea recipe because it's easy to take to someone else's house with me.  Our fire pit is actually not near the house, so we have to haul our food and drinks up there.  

That's why I used a canned tea for my peach whiskey iced tea recipe, but I'll also have directions to use fresh brewed tea if you want to use it.

This iced tea cocktail recipe was inspired by the Crown Royal Peach Tea in cans.  These are available at most grocery stores and big box stores, but they are hard to find.  The stores near me are always sold out.

It's a 4 pack of peach iced tea cocktail that's already made.  It's a limited edition product that can be hard to find, so here's how to make your own Crown Royal peach tea recipe at home.

Before we get to the iced tea cocktail recipe, this is for adults 21 and older.  Drink responsible and don't ever drink and drive.

Is Crown Royal Peach Seasonal?

Yes, Crown Royal Peach is seasonal.  It's released about March of each year and only lasts a few months.  I recommend grabbing it while it's available because you might have to wait a year to get more!

There are several peach Crown Royal recipes.  It has a delicious summer peach taste, and it's perfect for a peach iced tea cocktail.

Peach Crown Royal recipes like this peach whiskey iced tea are perfect for summer.  It has a light and sweet flavor with just the right amount of spices.

I also used it to make a Crown Peach slush.

By the way, if you love Crown Royal peach, this is an adorable handmade tumbler for this Crown Royal peach tea recipe.

What Does Crown Royal Peach Taste Like?

Crown Royal Peach has a delicious peach flavor with a hint of vanilla.  It also has some warm spices and a hint of oat that complement the peach flavor well in this Crown Royal peach tea recipe.

Peach and whiskey go well together, which is why I use Crown Royal in my small batch peach jam recipe.

There are several peach Crown Royal recipes that you can make at home.  It's a fun and unique flavor, and I am enjoying trying it in new drinks.

So far, this Crown Royal peach tea recipe is my favorite.  It's so easy to make, too, which is a definite bonus.

I also really like this Crown Royal peach tea slush for a refreshing summer cocktail.

What Can I Mix With Crown Royal Peach?

There are several peach Crown Royal mixed drinks ideas; this Crown Royal peach tea recipe is just one of them.  You can also mix it with one of the following:

 Pretty much anything that you can use Crown Royal in, you can make into Peach Crown Royal recipes.  

Iced Tea for Peach Whiskey Iced Tea

I used a peach Arnold Palmer Tea with half tea and half lemonade.  I used it for convenience to make a peach whiskey iced tea.  You can also use brewed tea alone or mixed with lemonade.

I used the Arnold Palmer cans, but you can also use the drink mix powder packets.   There's also a zero Arnold Palmer tea in cans that's sugar free.

You can also brew your own tea.  Here's how to make sweet iced tea on the stove that isn't bitter.  Use this sweetened or unsweetened.  

You can also use this peach iced tea recipe to make your peach iced tea cocktail.

Personally, I like half and half with half tea and half lemonade.  Feel free to use half and half or all tea to make a peach iced tea cocktail recipe.  

What Alcohol Goes With Tea?

You can make a peach iced tea cocktail recipe with other alcohol besides peach Crown Royal.  Bourbon, spiced rum, whiskey, gin, or vodka all work well in iced tea.

Crown Royal Peach Tea Ingredients

To make this iced tea cocktail recipe, you will need:

  • Peach Crown Royal
  • Peach Arnold Palmer Tea or iced tea
  • Ice cubes
  • Sliced peaches (optional)


Peach Whiskey Iced Tea Directions

It's easy to make an iced tea cocktail recipe.  Just follow these steps:

Step #1

Fill a glass with ice cubes and peach slices.

Step #2

Pour in one shot of Crown Royal Peach.

Step #3

Top with peach iced tea.  I used about 4-5 ounces.  Serve and enjoy.

For more drink recipes, check out these posts:

I hope you enjoy this peach iced tea cocktail recipe!  I hope to make more peach Crown Royal mixed drinks for you this summer.

Yield: 1
Author: Cari @ Koti Beth
Crown Royal Peach Tea Recipe

Crown Royal Peach Tea Recipe

Prep time: 5 MinCook time: 5 MinTotal time: 10 Min
How to make a Crown Royal peach tea recipe.


  • 1 Shot Crown Royal Peach
  • 5-6 ounces Peach Arnold Palmer Tea
  • Ice Cubes
  • Peach Slices


  1. Fill a glass with peach slices & ice.
  2. Pour in one shot of Crown Royal Peach.
  3. Top with Peach Tea.
  4. Serve & enjoy.



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