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Friday, June 17, 2022

The Best Chocolate Sauce Recipe With Cocoa Powder

Learn how to make the best homemade chocolate syrup recipe. Use this easy chocolate sauce recipe in milk, on ice cream, or for pancakes or waffles.  It’s just like the stuff you buy at the store, but it’s high fructose corn syrup and dye free.

How to Make Chocolate Sauce With Cocoa Powder

I don't even want to admit how much chocolate syrup we go through.  When Caleb was little, he had a milk allergy or so we thought.  Whatever it was, he outgrew it.

But now he doesn't like the taste of plain milk after drinking alternative milks for so long.  He likes cereal, so he uses chocolate syrup in his milk to make it.  

The kids also like some chocolate sauce on pancakes, waffles, and ice cream.  I also use it to make a copycat Starbucks iced mocha recipe.

Store bought chocolate syrup usually has high fructose corn syrup and preservatives and artificial flavors.  I have two kids with autism.  One is sensitive to HFCS and dyes, so we have to avoid them.

Back when I wrote this in 2012, Aldi wasn't preservative free.  Now they are, and most products don't have HFCS.  Now I have an alternative when I don’t have time to make a milk chocolate sauce recipe.

However, this easy chocolate sauce recipe only takes a few minutes to make, and it tastes great.  I still make this for the kids to save money and control the ingredients.

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Is Chocolate Syrup the Same as Chocolate Sauce?

I’m using chocolate syrup and chocolate sauce interchangeably because they are basically the same thing.  

Chocolate syrup might be a little thinner than this best chocolate sauce recipe no cream, but they both taste about the same.

What is Chocolate Sauce Made Of?

It’s easy to learn how to make chocolate sauce with cocoa powder.  You only need five ingredients: cocoa powder, water, salt, sugar, and vanilla extract.  

The vanilla extract is even optional, so you can make the best chocolate sauce recipe with just four ingredients.

How Do You Thicken Chocolate Sauce?

This old fashioned chocolate syrup recipe is a bit thinner than what you get from the store.  It doesn’t bother us, but if you want it thicker, here are some options:

  • Add some cornstarch or arrowroot powder to thicken it.  Start with a teaspoon and add it to the best chocolate sauce recipe no cream while it’s hot.
  • Place chocolate sauce in a blender and blend for a minute.  This helps break down the ingredients, which can thicken your easy chocolate sauce recipe.  You can do this after the sauce cools to help thicken it.
  • Use brown sugar instead of white sugar to make this chocolate sauce recipe with cocoa powder.
  • Add more cocoa powder to thicken.
  • Let the easy chocolate sauce recipe simmer to reduce the water.

Can I Make This Old Fashioned Chocolate Syrup Recipe Sugar Free or Low Sugar?

Yes, you can absolutely make a sugar free milk chocolate sauce recipe.  Simply replace the sugar with Splenda for baking, monk fruit, coconut sugar, or your choice of sweetener.

Some sweeteners have different equivalent amounts, so be sure to calculate the right amount.

My kids don’t like a completely sugar free chocolate sauce recipe, so I usually do half sugar substitute and half sugar.  

Does Homemade Chocolate Sauce Need to be Refrigerated?

Yes, there’s no preservative in this old fashioned chocolate syrup recipe, so it has to be stored in the fridge. 

How Long Does Homemade Chocolate Sauce Last?

This best chocolate syrup recipe should last about 4 weeks in the fridge.  If you notice any mold or color or smell changes, discard it.

Can You Freeze Homemade Chocolate Syrup?

I’ve never frozen mine, but this chocolate sauce recipe no cream should freeze well since there’s no milk.  You could even freeze it in a silicone ice cube tray for small amounts.

Best Chocolate Syrup Recipe Ingredients

You will need to following to learn how to make chocolate sauce with cocoa powder:

Easy Chocolate Sauce Recipe

Step #1

In a  medium to large saucepan, whisk cocoa powder and water.  It will clump at first.  Whisk until there are no lumps. 

Step #2

Heat over high heat and whisk until cocoa is completely dissolved.  

Step #3

Add sugar and keep whisking.

Step #4

Bring to a rolling boil and boil for 3 minutes.  Keep whisking.  It will bubble up a lot, so this is why you need a large saucepan.

Step #5

Remove from heat and add salt and vanilla.  Whisk again.  As soon as you remove it from the heat the bubbles die.  

Step #6

Let cool completely.  Store in the refrigerator.   

Did I mention this easy chocolate sauce recipe tastes better than store bought?  Because it does!   Use it for chocolate milk, milkshakes or on ice cream.

Now my kids can have a little treat, and I don't have hyperactive, wild children an hour later.  Win-win.

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