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Wednesday, August 18, 2021

How to Make Freeze Dried Apples Harvest Right Freeze Dryer

How to freeze dry apples at home with a Harvest Right freeze dryer for home use.  Although I recommend buying a machine, I also have directions for freeze drying without a machine.  Freeze dried apples can be preserved longer than dehydrated apples, and you can use them for several different recipes.

I like to use my food dehydrator to dry foods, but for long term storage, freeze drying is the best.  Personally, I use my home dehydrated foods quickly or freeze them for longer storage.  This kind of defeats the purpose of preserving my food. 

I can a lot of food to preserve it, but I really like freeze drying, too.  We eat the freeze dried apple chips plain, and I can use them in baking.

My oldest is an Eagle scout and my younger son is in Boy Scouts.  Freeze dried apple slices are perfect for sending on campouts as a healthy sweet treat.

How to Freeze Dry Apples at Home

Learn how to freeze dry apples at home is expensive.  Right now, Harvest Right is the only freeze dryer for home use.  

A freeze dryer is an investment, but you're serious about homesteading, then I think it's a good investment.  Canned food lasts about 1 to 2 years, depending on the food.  However, freeze dried food lasts for 25 years!

Once you get started, you'll only have to freeze dry each food once every few years.  You can stock up of food when it's on sale and preserve it to use for years.

Freeze dried apples and other freeze dried fruits are perfect for eating plain, but you can also use them in other recipes.  Now that I know how to make freeze dried apples, I can save them on the shelf to use to make apple bread or other delicious apple recipes.

You can use these freeze dried apple slices in recipes like my Instant Pot apple cinnamon oatmeal.  Also learn how to make freeze dried strawberries and how to make freeze dried fruit.  You can also learn how to make freeze dried eggs so you always have eggs.

Keep track of your freeze drying inventory, maintenance, and other information with a printable freeze drying journal and batch log.


What Do Freeze Dried Apple Taste Like?


Freeze dried apple slices taste just like standard apples, except with a crispy texture. Depending on what apples you use they can taste sweet, tart, or a little bit of both.


When you first start to learn how to freeze dry apples at home I recommend getting a few types of your favorite apples and seeing which ones you prefer.


Freeze Dried Apple Chips Versus Slices


When freeze drying apples, I recommend cutting them into chips or slices. The only difference between the two being how thin they are. Freeze dried apple chips are thinner than freeze dried apple slices are, so ultimately it is up to your own preference as to what you want to make.


Are Freeze Dried Apple Chips Good For You?


Freeze dried apples are a rich and delicious source of all sorts of nutritional benefits such as fiber and vitamin B. Dried apples can help improve your cellular health, as well as your digestive and emotional health.


They are also a filling snack meaning you won’t need to eat as many to be full. They are an excellent way to get all the benefits of apples no matter what time of year it is.


Is Freeze Dried Fruit Better Than Dried?


Ultimately, freeze dried fruit offers many benefits over dried fruit. Freeze dried fruit lasts a lot longer as there is much less water in the food. Further, freeze dried apples offer much less risk of bacteria or germs.


Can You Freeze Dry Without A Machine?


Yes, you can freeze dry without a machine. However, the machine will make your life much easier. Further, the quality of the food will not be as high without use of the machine.

A Harvest Right freeze drying machine is an investment with a fantastic return. With a machine you can easily freeze dry all sorts of foods and store them for long periods of time.

How To Freeze Dry Apples At Home Without A Machine

There are a few ways to freeze dry apples without a machine. Following is a simple guide on how to freeze dry apples. Learning how to make freeze dried apples without a machine can be beneficial economically, and it is easy to do.

The first and simplest way is to clean and slice your apples and lay them out on a tray. Pop the tray into a freezer and wait about three weeks before removing them.

Place the apples into a sealable bag and store in a cool and dry place. There is also another method using dry ice. Place your apples into a freezer bag and then into a cooler that is at least twice as big as you need. Layer dry ice over the bags and wait twenty four hours until the dry ice has completely melted.

I recommend a one to one ratio of ice to apples per pound of food. Remember to keep the cooler ventilated during this process as well. You may need to drill holes in the lid of your cooler.

Remove the apples from the cooler and store as required. Do not remove the apples until you are ready to immediately transfer them to storage containers.

It should be noted that while methods will work in the short term, they do not provide the same quality of freeze dried food as a machine does. Further, they will not last as long as there will be more moisture in the food than if you use a machine.

For more ways to preserve apples, check out these posts:


How Long Does It Take To Freeze Dry Apple Slices?


When using a Harvest Right freeze drying machine, it will take around ten and a half hours to completely freeze dry your apples. For this reason, I prefer to start the process in the morning so that they will be done before bedtime. 


It is important to manage your time so that you can keep an eye on the apples while they are freeze drying and move them to sealable containers when they are done. 


What Are The Best Apples To Freeze Dry?


What apples you decide to freeze dry will largely come down to what you want out of your freeze dried apples. If you are looking for a tart flavor then consider an empire or goldrush apple. 


If you prefer a sweet taste then consider trying out gala or honeycrisp apples. You can also get a few kinds of apples to test out and sample.


Can You Freeze Dry Apples With The Skin On?


Yes you can absolutely freeze dry apples with the skin on. When eating a regular apple, the skin is typically not something you want to eat, but with freeze dried apples it does not detract from the taste or texture.


Further, the skin of an apple offers lots of nutrients which is a great reason to leave it on when learning how to freeze dry apples at home.


How Long Do Freeze Dried Apples Last?

You can store freeze dried apple slices for about twelve to eighteen months and they will keep their flavorful integrity. They will remain safe to eat beyond that but the flavor and overall quality will slowly start to diminish.


However, it should be noted that freeze dried apples can last up to twenty years! Its no wonder why it’s a personal favorite for food storage


How Do You Store Dried Apple Slices?


Freeze dried apple slices should be stored in a cold and dry environment. I recommend keeping them in a temperature of sixty five degrees Fahrenheit or less. You will also want to keep them in sealed containers so moisture does not get into the food. 

I like to use mylar bags to store my freeze dried apple chips and other freeze dried fruits in.  


In addition, you will want to keep them up off the ground, preferably on a shelving unit for long term storage.

Does Freeze Dried Food Ever Go Bad?


Yes, freeze dried food will eventually go bad. However, it could take up to  several decades for freeze dried food to spoil. This is why many food preppers and planners love freeze drying food.


It is also why learning how to make freeze dried apples is so important. Learning how to make freeze dried apples lets you enjoy the taste of delicious apples during any time of year. This means you can have apples even when they are out of season and harder or more expensive to acquire.


How Do You Rehydrate Freeze Dried Apples?


Rehydrating apples is super simple depending on how you want to use them. Lay out your freeze dried apples and either spritz them with water or let them soak in water until they regain their constitution.  You can use them in this apple bread using cake mix recipe.

What Can You Do With Freeze Dried Apples?


There are all sorts of things that you can do with freeze dried apples. Following is a quick list of recipes that you can incorporate freeze dried apple slices into.  Try your freeze dried apple chips in one of these recipes:

  • Trail Mix
  • Party Snack Bowls
  • Oatmeal Topping
  • Sauces
  • Salads
  • Cookie Topping


Freeze Dried Apples Ingredients

To make freeze dried apple slices, you will need:

How to Make Freeze Dried Apples

Step #1

Wash your apples well.

Step #2

Slices the apples in half and then into slices.  I can get 14 slices per apple.  If you slices them too large, they will take a long time to freeze dry.

Step #3

Place the apple slices on the freeze dryer sheets.  I line them up in a single layer.  The apples can touch on the tray.

Step #4

Place the freeze dryer tray into the Harvest Right freeze dryer.  Press "Not Frozen" and start the machine.  I added two extra drying hours.

Step #5

Remove the freeze dried apple chips from the machine and package in a mylar bag.  Add an O2 absorber for longer storage.  


Now you know how to freeze dry apples at home!

How to Freeze Dry Apples at Home was originally published at Homesteading in Ohio.

Freeze Dried Apples

Freeze Dried Apples

Cari @ Koti Beth
Prep time
15 Min
Inactive time
10 Hour
Total time
10 H & 15 M
How to make freeze dried apple slices with a Harvest Right freeze dryer.


  • 4 apples


  1. Slices the apples in half and then into slices. I can get 14 slices per apple. If you slices them too large, they will take a long time to freeze dry.
  2. Place the apple slices on the freeze dryer sheets. I line them up in a single layer. The apples can touch on the tray.
  3. Place the freeze dryer tray into the Harvest Right freeze dryer. Press "Not Frozen" and start the machine. I added two extra drying hours.
  4. Remove the freeze dried apple chips from the machine and package in a mylar bag. Add an O2 absorber for longer storage.

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