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How to Make Rustic Farmhouse Coasters DIY (Canning Ring Crafts)

 Learn how to make rustic farmhouse coasters DIY.  This is an easy canning ring crafts to reuse old canning rings.  These are very easy to make, and they make great gifts! I'm so glad the farmhouse trend is a thing.  I live in an actual farmhouse that was build in the late 1800s.   I actually live in the servants quarters that was beside the main farmhouse.  The Victorian style farmhouse is still going strong after being build in about 1865.  My house was added on to and modified, but it's still an old farmhouse with all of its quirks. Living in a farmhouse isn't as glamorous as the homes on TV.  Real farmhouses have kitchens that you can almost turn around in.  If there are two people in the kitchen, plan on trampling each other if you need to grab anything. But I digress. Living on a farm and living the farm life, we can a lot of food each year.  I do reuse my canning rings, but at some point they are just too rusty to use again. That's when they become canning ring c

How to Make Instant Pot Double Boiler

 Learn how to make an Instant Pot double boiler.  Use this to melt chocolate or for delicate sauces that can't be cooked over direct heat.  The Instant Pot as double boiler method works beautifully, and you don't need to buy anything special. I wasn't too sure about the Instant Pot initially.  I debated back and forth on getting one, but then my dad and stepmom gifted me one.   I was a little scared of it at first.  My only experience with a pressure cooker was the huge one that I use for canning.   I've never had a pressure cooking mishap, but I didn't want to have one either. Then I tried a few recipes, and now I'm a believer.  My trusty Instant Pot gets used several times a week both for meal prep and for cooking. Then I learned how to make Instant Pot double boiler, and it was a game changer.  I use a double boiler often, but I always made a makeshift one out of a pan and a bowl or a Pyrex measuring cup. Using Instant Pot as a double boiler is so much easier

DIY Essential Oil Car Diffuser (Dollar Tree DIY)

 How to make an inexpensive and easy DIY essential oil car diffuser.  This hanging diffuser can also be used in a bath, office, closet, or other small space.  This is a Dollar Tree craft, and all supplies were from there. I use essential oils everyday when I'm home, and now I can take them with me on the road.  I made this cute DIY essential oil diffuser for car as an inexpensive way to use oils for aromatherapy while traveling. This is a passive diffuser, so it doesn't need batteries.  It works by clipping it to the vents in your car.  When you turn on the fan, it blows the scent through the car for aromatherapy.   We just got a new Dollar Tree in the next town over.  I love Dollar Tree for crafting supplies because I can find some unusual stuff there to either repurpose or to use to make things. I challenged myself to find something that I could use only Dollar Tree supplies to make, and I was able to get everything that I needed for this DIY essential oil car diffuser from t

Reusable Shopping Bag SVG File (Aldi Grocery Store Bag)

 A free SVG file to make a reusable shopping bag for Aldi grocery store!  This is a cute bag that uses heat transfer vinyl, a die cutter, and a heat press to make a cute gift or keep it for yourself. I forget my grocery bags more times than I'd care to admit.  Like all the time.   My stepmom does too, so I made her this cute reusable shopping bag for her Aldi trips.   I guess you could use it anywhere, but I like the cute saying on this one.  I forget it Aldi time.  Get it? I crack myself up sometimes.

Mocha Cappuccino Bombs With Coffee

Learn how to make mocha cappuccino bombs with coffee.  These are similar to hot chocolate bombs, but they have mocha cappuccino coffee inside!  The extra shell of chocolate melts for a delicious and easy cup of mocha chocolate coffee. My kids are obsessed with hot chocolate bombs.  I'll admit that they are fun to use.  My daughter loves to make things with chocolate, and she quickly jumped on this Tiktok trend. While I do love a cup of hot cocoa, I'm more of a coffee drinker.  In the mornings I brew coffee, but I usually use a flavored powdered coffee in the afternoon. I picked up a mocha cappuccino a few weeks ago.  As we were making hot chocolate bombs, I thought why not make hot cappuccino bombs with coffee? These are perfect for making coffee.  The chocolate melts, which gives it a little extra creamy flavor.  

Soy Wax Melts Recipe

 These cute little hearts are perfect for Valentine's Day!  Learn how to make a  soy wax melts recipe for Valentine's Day or any day with this DIY tutorial.  I used a natural chocolate fragrance oil, but you can use essential oils.   Valentine's Day will be here in just a few weeks.  After the snow that got dumped on us last weekend, I'm ready for the cute and fun holiday to arrive.  We only got about 6 inches of snow on Saturday, but the drifting has been really bad.  There are drifts up to 5 feet tall on the roads, so we've been stuck at home.   I heard the roads are getting clearer each day, but there's now a layer of ice below the snow.  So we've been at home playing board games, baking yummy things, and trying to stay warm.   Since we've moved past the Christmas scents, I wanted to move into some fun scents for Valentine's Day.  I decided to use this new natural chocolate scent that I picked up last month to make these soy wax melts for Valentin

Easy Oreo Bark Recipe For Valentine's Day

How to make a quick and easy Oreo bark recipe for a sweet treat.  I used conversation hearts for a Valentine's Day bark recipe, but this can be made for any time of the year.  This is a very easy recipe with just three ingredients, and I'll give you tips for melting your chocolate without burning it. Chocolate bark is crazy popular during the holiday season, so I created a Valentine's Day easy Oreo bark recipe.  It's quick and easy to make, and it is oh so delicious. My daughter loves making things with chocolate, so I asked her to come up with a Valentine's Day chocolate bark recipe. I wanted something a little more than traditional chocolate and Valentine's Day candy sprinkles, and she came up with an Oreo bark recipe. My daughter is a little extra—like her mama—so of course she didn't create a basic Oreo bark recipe.   No no. She used both white chocolate and milk chocolate to make hers and then added conversation hearts for a fun Valentine's Day choc

Fruit Marshmallow Kabobs With Chocolate Drizzle, Brownie, Marshmallows for Valentine's Day

Looking for a fun Valentine's Day treat or dessert?  These fruit marshmallow kabobs are easy to make, fun to eat, and taste delicious.  While they do have a chocolate drizzle, it's a better choice than a sugary dessert or solid chocolate. Valentine's Day is synonymous with chocolate.  Each year, my daughter makes chocolate covered strawberries, and they are delicious. This year, we are putting a little spin on the classic recipe and making fruit kabobs with chocolate drizzle.   These fruit skewers chocolate and marshmallow are so easy to make, even kids can help prepare them.  We used a strawberry, marshmallows, and chocolate drizzle to make ours, but you can get creative with different fruits.

How to Make Soy Wax Dipped Flowers

 These soy wax dipped flowers make a great gift for anyone in your life.  These are popular around Valentine's Day, but they can be displayed any time.  They are dipped with soy wax and a natural fragrance, so they lightly scent the room and act like an air freshener. I used to sell an insane amount of these wax DIY soy wax dipped roses years ago.  I would make them in rose, chocolate, and several other scents.  I'd sell 100s of these on my website and in person starting in mid January each year. These wax dipped flowers are fairly easy to make, but they are a little messy and somewhat time consuming.  I used to have a place set up to hang them to dry, but I don't anymore so I had to hold them while the wax set up. I used Very Berry Cobbler for these dipped flowers, which is a natural fragrance oil from Crafty Bubbles.   Normally, I wouldn't use a bakery scent for Valentine's Day, but this is just perfect for Valentine's Day.

Pink Hot Chocolate Recipe for Valentine's Day

This pink hot chocolate recipe is perfect for Valentine's Day.  It's a rich and creamy drink that can be made in a small batch for two cups or in a slow cooker for a crowd.  Add whipped cream and sprinkles for a fun treat. This Valentine's Day hot chocolate recipe is actually really easy to make from scratch.  I'll admit that I reach for the packets of hot chocolate when I want milk chocolate, but this is so easy that you won't need the box of packets. This recipe only has two ingredients, and I'll discuss those more and how to choose the best ones for your family's needs. Need to make this vegan?  You can totally make vegan pink hot chocolate!  Need it sugar free or keto?  Yes, you can do that too!

Cute Valentine's Day Cupcake Recipe Ideas

Cute Valentine's Day cupcake recipe ideas to make at home for a class party, coworkers, or for your family.  You don't need special decorating skills to make these adorable cupcakes! We don't celebrate Valentine's Day by going out to dinner or buying expensive gifts.  But we do celebrate with cute pink, purple, and red themed foods and other cutesy items. I usually make something heart shaped or red for dinner.  We wear pink or red.  And I'll make one of these cute Valentine's Day cupcake recipe ideas.   The boys, obviously, think Valentine's Day is dumb and overrated, but they sure don't turn their nose up at a cupcake! Get Valentine's Day cupcake decorating ideas so you can make cute cupcakes at home.  These are great for a school party, office party, or just to enjoy at home with your family.

Valentine's Day Hot Cocoa Chocolate Bombs With Marshmallows

How to make heart shaped Valentine's Day hot cocoa chocolate bombs with marshmallows.  This is a fun treat that makes a great gift for both kids and adults. Although Valentine's Day is still about 6 weeks away, I'm getting my recipes ready so I can share them with you.  Hot cocoa chocolate bombs were crazy popular for Christmas, and I think they will remain popular for a while. Hot chocolate bombs were a Tiktok craze that quickly went to Instagram reels.  They are like a bath bomb, but instead of using them in a bath, you drop them in hot water or milk for a fun drink. For Valentine's Day hot cocoa chocolate bombs with marshmallows, I used a cute heart shaped mold.  This is basically the same recipe, but I use pink chocolate instead of a milk chocolate. Colored chocolate wafers are a white chocolate flavor.  The white chocolate complements the milk chocolate in the drink mix very well, and you'll have a rich cup of hot cocoa with both white chocolate and milk chocol

Koti Beth Top 10 Posts of 2020

The top 10 posts of 2020 on Koti Beth. We did it!  We made it through 2020. 2020 was a bad year, but some good things did happen.  The year started out good.   In January, I got this blog into Mediavine, my ad network.  This allowed me to get income from this blog, which allows me to bring you even more posts and information. In February, my oldest turned 18 and earned his Eagle Scout award.  Then he graduated high school, got accepted into his top college choice, and then started there this fall.  He finished the year with great grades despite the less than idea college experience. My middle one is doing well in school, scouts, and karate.  He took over as SPL (the scout in charge) after his brother left.  In karate, he tested for a few belts and is now a purple stripe. My youngest, my daughter, is coming along with her karate and is also a purple stripe.  She was behind her brother since she's younger, but she managed to catch up this year.  She was in two plays, but unfortunatel