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Tuesday, August 15, 2023

Snickers Boozy Iced Coffee Recipe

Learn how to make an iced coffee cocktail recipe.  I made a Snickers boozy iced coffee recipe, but you can make your favorite flavor with this basic recipe.  It's easy to make, and it's perfect for summer evenings.

How to Make Iced Coffee Cocktails

Picture this: a warm, sunny afternoon, and you're craving a refreshing pick-me-up that combines the boldness of coffee with the delightful kick of your favorite spirits. 

Look no further than boozy iced coffee - a delightful fusion of two beloved indulgences. 

In this article, we'll take you on a journey through the art of making boozy iced coffee, exploring the best alcohol choices, essential ingredients, classic recipes, and exotic creations. 

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Elevating Your Iced Coffee Game with a Dash of Booze

Imagine taking your everyday iced coffee and transforming it into an exciting concoction with a splash of alcohol. The result? 

A drink that not only invigorates your senses but also adds a touch of sophistication to your coffee ritual. 

The art of making a boozy iced coffee recipe lies in finding the perfect balance between the robust flavors of coffee and the nuanced notes of spirits.

Best Alcohol Choices for Iced Coffee Cocktails

The beauty of boozy iced coffee lies in the versatility of spirits that can be paired with coffee. Each alcohol brings its own character and taste profile, allowing you to craft a personalized coffee experience. 

Whether you prefer the smoothness of whiskey, the nuttiness of amaretto, or the sweetness of KahlĂșa, there's an ideal spirit waiting to be discovered.

Here are some different options to try for your iced coffee alcoholic drink:

  • Whiskey: Embrace the complexity of whiskey with its robust and smoky flavors, elevating your iced coffee to new heights.
  • Amaretto: Unleash the nutty, almond-infused essence of amaretto, bringing a touch of warmth to your refreshing beverage.
  • KahlĂșa: Dive into the world of rich coffee liqueur, infusing your iced coffee with a luscious chocolaty undertone.

Ingredients for Ice Coffee Cocktail Recipe

Choosing the right coffee is essential.  I prefer to make cold brew because it isn't as bitter as hot brewed coffee. Here's how I make cold brew coffee with coffee grounds.

You can also make an Instant Pot coffee concentrate.  Or you can brew coffee and cool it.  Hot brewed coffee gets a little bitter, so keep that in mind.  

You can also buy a flavored ice coffee drink and add your own alcohol to make iced coffee cocktails.

If you use cold brew coffee to make this boozy coffee recipe, then you can flavor it with your favorite coffee creamer or ust half and half or oat milk.

Add 1 ounce or up to half of the glass of creamer and coffee to make iced coffee cocktails.

Iced Coffee Cocktail Recipe Variations

I made a Snickers iced coffee alcoholic drink, and that recipe is below.  However, you can try one of these variations:

  • Bailey's Irish Cream Coffee: Use Bailey's Irish Cream and half and half
  • Vanilla Iced Coffee Cocktail: Use vanilla flavored creamer and a splash of your favorite whiskey.
  • Kahlua Mocha: Use Kahlua and either half and half or chocolate creamer.
  • Amaretto: Use amaretto with half and half or vanilla or hazelnut creamer.
  • Coconut: Use coconut rum and coconut milk.
  • Hazelnut: Use Frangelico liqueur and hazelnut creamer.
  • Cinnamon: Use cinnamon tequila and half and half.

Snickers Boozy Coffee Recipe

Here's what you need to make this boozy iced coffee recipe:

How to Make an Iced Coffee Cocktail Recipe

Step #1

Fill a cup with ice cubes.

Step #2

Pour in one shot of peanut butter whiskey.  Top with Snickers iced coffee.

Step #3

Garnish with a Snickers bar. 


I hope this inspires you to make your own delicious iced coffee cocktails.

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