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Peppermint Bark Recipe Easy With Dark Chocolate and White Chocolate

Learn how to make a peppermint bark recipe easy with dark chocolate and white chocolate.  This quick candy recipe is sure to be a hit at your next party.  It also makes a delicious homemade gift for friends, family, teachers, or coworkers. I never used to be a fan of white chocolate.  The first time I had it was in a candy bar, and I just didn't care for it.  So I didn't eat it again for several years. Then I got a kit for a peppermint bark with white chocolate and peppermint pieces.  I made it for a party figuring the guests would like it and I wouldn't have to waste the kit. Then I tried a piece.  Angels started singing.  And I was converted.   Now peppermint bark with dark chocolate and white chocolate or just white chocolate is my favorite holiday treat.   I'm especially obsessed with white chocolate in hot drinks too.  I love it with pumpkin in the fall.  In the winter, I use white chocolate peppermint coffee creamer.   If you're looking for a peppermint bark r

Magical Unicorn Hot Chocolate Stirrers Recipe

How to make magical unicorn hot chocolate stirrers.  These hot chocolate sticks are like a hot chocolate bomb, but they are easier to make without a special mold.  They have fun unicorn colors and have mini marshmallows hidden inside. I have a teenaged daughter, so naturally we are a little unicorn obsessed here.  She loves unicorn anything, and the more glitter is has the better. The unicorn obsession isn't just limited to her; I've been known to enjoy some of the magic of unicorns.  When I found unicorn sprinkles, she first thought of cupcakes.  My first thought was a magical unicorn hot chocolate stirrers recipe. These unicorn hot chocolate sticks are similar to the hot chocolate bombs that are all over Tiktok and Instagram.  But they are a lot easier to make.   You don't need a special mold to make these magical unicorn hot chocolate stirrers.  I used a small paper cup instead of a mold!   You just need three ingredients plus the adorable unicorn sprinkles to make these

Embroidery Hoop Christmas Decoration DIY

 How to  make an easy embroidery hoop Christmas decoration DIY.  This is an easy Dollar Tree Christmas craft that only takes a few minutes to make.  It would be a cute gift idea, and you can customize it for different seasons. I decided that I was sick of my Christmas decorations this year.  While I wish I could just run to the store and buy all new decorations, but alas my budget doesn't allow it.   I have Balsam Hill tastes on a Dollar Tree budget unfortunately. Luckily, I have a glue gun and have been blessed with some creative skills. It was time for a Dollar Tree run for some new holiday decor.  My Dollar Tree is conveniently located next to a charity thrift store. Between the two, I knew that I could get some new farmhouse Christmas decor DIY ideas.

Dollar Tree Farmhouse Ornament DIY With Bottle Brush Trees

How to make a Dollar Tree farmhouse ornament.  This is an easy and inexpensive DIY for a homemade ornament for your Christmas tree.  You can also use these on a wreath or as a wall hanging. I have a farmhouse.  A real honest to goodness farmhouse.  So of course I am thrilled that the farmhouse look is in style. Of course, a real farmhouse is a bit different than the farmhouses on the TV shows.  For one, real farmhouses don't have kitchens like that. You're lucky to be able to turn around in a real farmhouse kitchen. Secondly, a real farmhouse probably only has one bathroom that was an afterthought. But I digress.  My house has character, that's for sure.   Whether you have an actual farmhouse or just like the farmhouse look, this Dollar Tree farmhouse ornament DIY will look adorable on your tree.  

Grinch Hot Chocolate Sticks Recipe

 How to make Grinch hot chocolate sticks.  Hot chocolate sticks are similar to hot chocolate bombs, but they are easier to make without a special mold.  With just three ingredients plus sprinkles, you can make these adorable Grinch themed hot cocoa stirrers.   By now, you've seen hot chocolate bombs all over Tiktok and Instagram Reels.  They are super fun to use, but they admittedly aren't super fun to make.   They aren't extremely difficult to make, but you do need a special mold.  The mold has been sold out in craft stores for months, so I came up with an alternative. Enter the Grinch hot chocolate sticks.  These are so fun and easy to make, and you don't need a special mold.  In fact, I used Dixie cups for mine!   These hot chocolate stirrers are perfect for parties or kids.  Just get a mug of warm milk and stir with this hot chocolate stick for a delicious cup of Grinch green hot cocoa.

How to Make Christmas Wax Melts With Essential Oils

 Scent your home naturally this holiday season with these easy to make Christmas wax melts with essential oils.  I used a holiday set of essential oils and natural favor oils to scent my wax melts with.  These make great gifts, or use them at home for a festive smell. I 'v e always been a huge fan of wax melts and candles.  I started making candles and wax melts over fifteen years ago before I moved to DIY bath and body products. I used to burn candles all the time, but then my cat stepped in one and wax got everywhere.  Luie was fine from the candle, but I'm pretty sure the bath afterwards scarred him for life.   I know it scarred me for life.  Literally.  He sliced my hand pretty good that night. That's when I started making wax melts.  I like them better because I can turn them off an on without worrying about the wick tunneling.   They are also a lot easier to make since you don't have to worry about wick size and testing so much. This Christmas, I wanted to make so

How to Make Hot Chocolate Sticks Recipe

 How to make hot chocolate sticks.  These are similar to hot chocolate bombs, but they are easier to make.  You can make several different flavors, so everyone can enjoy their favorite flavor.  These are perfect for parties, and they make great Christmas gifts. I'm sure you've all see hot chocolate bombs on Tiktok or Instagram Reels by now.  They are very fun and very cute, but they are kind of a pain to make. And you'll need a special mold.  A mold that you'll likely never use again. Learn how to make hot chocolate sticks, which are similar to hot cocoa bombs, but they are a lot easier to make. These are very fun for parties because each person can grab their own hot cocoa sick and make their own mug of delicious hot cocoa.  Plus there's a handy stick there for stirring.  No extra mess! We are going to learn how to make milk chocolate hot chocolate sticks with this recipe and learn how to customize them with different flavors.   Check back in a few days for a white

33 Mason Jar Gift Ideas

Looking for Christmas gift ideas for friends, family, or teachers?  Check out these mason jar gift ideas for easy and inexpensive gifts that are ready for gifting.  This includes both food and mixes in jars and non food items. I like to give a lot of gifts at Christmas to show my appreciation for those who have helped us during the year.  Between teachers, therapists, and volunteers at our nonprofit, I unfortunately don't have a huge budget. But that doesn't mean that I can't gift a cute and unique gift.  I often do Mason jar gift ideas because they are fun and definitely different types of gifts. I usually pick one gift and assembly line then.  In just a few hours, I can make 10 to 20 of these gifts in jars in an afternoon. While I was searching for gift in jar ideas, I picked some food mixes so the recipient can make them later.  I also included some premade food items and some non food gifts in jars. Have fun creating!

Dollar Tree Christmas Sign 2020 Decorations

 How to make a cute and easy Dollar Tree Christmas sign. This 2020 decorations uses Dollar Tree supplies for a cheap Christmas decoration for your home. This year, I wanted to make some new Christmas decorations.  We run a nonprofit, and I like to decorate it for Christmas.  Unfortunately, as a nonprofit, there is no budget for decorations. Thankfully, we've had three tree donated.  I found some beautiful ornaments on clearance after Christmas one year, so I can decorate those. There are several large blank walls, I wanted to make some Christmas signs to fill the gaps.  Of course, I headed to my favorite store for supplies. This Dollar Tree Christmas sign was made entirely with Dollar Tree supplies.  It was quick and easy, which is definitely a bonus for my schedule.  Now, it hangs in the foyer to greet people as they walk into the building.

How to Make Thieves Oil Foaming Hand Soap Recipe

 Learn how to make Thieves oil foaming hand soap recipe.  This saves money versus buying it, and you can make it under 5 minutes!  This uses a blend of essential oils called Thieves oil that are said to be antibacterial. Even without being in the midst of a pandemic, it's still a good idea to practice good handwashing.   With 5 people in the family, we go through a lot of hand soap.   I swear it's like my kids use half of a bottle each time they wash their hands!  I make my own hand soap to save money.   I used to use the regular pump style soap dispenser and put a hair tie on it so it would squirt out less soap.  I gave up on that and just use a foaming dispenser now. Foaming hand soap dispensers are almost 80 to 90 percent water.  Even though you're only getting about 10 percent soap, it's still plenty to clean your hands.  

Melting Snowman Hot Chocolate Bombs With White Chocolate

Learn how to to make melting snowman hot chocolate bombs with white chocolate. These adorable little balls are filled with hot cocoa mix and marshmallows. The chocolate melts in warm water or milk for a delicious hot chocolate drink. Hot chocolate bombs are all the rage on social media sites such as TikTok and Instagram, and for good reason. A white hot chocolate bomb is a hollow sphere of delicious white chocolate filled with a hot cocoa mix, as well as other goodies like marshmallows. These fun treats are very similar to bath bombs, except you put them in a mug of hot water or milk and stir for a delicious cup of hot chocolate. Hot chocolate bombs are great seasonal treats, and are simple to make. Following is the perfect and simple recipe for making your very own delectable white chocolate hot chocolate bombs, perfect for any occasion. These white hot chocolate bombs are a perfect treat for the holidays, and taste great!

37 Nonalcoholic Christmas Drinks Perfect for Your Next Party

Need a festive drink for your next party?  Here are several nonalcoholic Christmas drinks that are perfect for your next party.  Serve these for a school party or family party.  Everyone there will love these holiday themed drinks. If you're hosting a party, then you'll need some festive drinks for everyone.  These nonalcoholic Christmas drinks are perfect for any party because all ages can enjoy them. I asked some blogging friends for some festive drink ideas, and they did not disappoint!  There are some very creative and fun drinks as well as some traditional drinks like hot chocolate. I remember as a kid the adults had these pretty drinks, and the kids were limited to boring drinks.  We usually had soda, which was a special treat. Even though we aren't big drinkers and my own kids don't see those fancy drinks at parties, we will get out the fancy wine glasses for holiday dinners. Instead of wine or a cocktail, we have mocktails or other fun and brightly colored drink

Dinosaur Ornament Dollar Tree Christmas Ornament Idea

 Learn how to make a dinosaur ornament Dollar Tree Christmas ornament idea.  This uses supplies from Dollar Tree to make an adorable keepsake ornament that your dinosaur fan is sure to love. My son has been obsessed with dinosaurs since he was a toddler.  Every chance he had to watch a show about them or see them in a museum, he was all over it. It amazed me what he knew even in elementary school!  He knew the names of several obscure dinosaurs, what they ate, and a myriad of facts about them. For Christmas, I like to get the kids ornaments that have to do with their interests.  Somehow, he had never gotten a dinosaur ornament. So this year, I made him a Dollar Tree Christmas ornament idea with a dinosaur.  Dollar Tree has several smaller animal figurines, so feel free to adapt this to another animal or character. Dinosaur Ornament Dollar Tree Christmas Ornament Idea Cardstock You should use red cardstock because it's thicker and can hold it's shape better.  However, you can pr

How to Make Pinecone Fire Starters

Learn how to make DIY pine cone fire starters.  They look pretty sitting in a basket, and they make a great gift.  Use these outside to start fires quickly and easily.  You can also add essential oils for a light scent. Living in the country, we have a lot of fires in the fall.  You know, those nights where it's a little cool, but you still want to enjoy every last moment of being outside before the snow starts flying. We have a nice fire pit and plenty of firewood.  To make starting the fire easier, we use pinecone fire starters that are dipped in wax and have a wick on the end.   Just light, set in the fire, and sit back and enjoy your evening fire.   These also make really unique wedding favors.  If you're looking for a favor that's not your typical candy and something that your guests will use, these are perfect. You can even change the colors to fit the colors of your wedding.

43 Alcoholic Christmas Drinks Perfect for Your Next Party

 These alcoholic Christmas drinks will be perfect for your next party!  Get inspiration for fun and festive drinks to serve to your guests.  From traditional drink recipe to fun new recipes, these are sure to set the mood during the holiday season. Christmas is a time to gather with friends and family.  For many families, it's a time to eat, drink, and be merry. And those drinks just might include some alcoholic Christmas drinks for adults.   Each year, I have no clue what to serve.  I mean, I'm pretty much a basic White Claw girl.  Black cherry is almost red, so that's Christmasy right?  Lime is green, so we have both Christmas colors covered. For your guests who maybe have a more sophisticated palette, try one of these 43 alcoholic Christmas drinks.  You'll find a few variations for sangria, mimosas, and some fun themed drinks.

How to Make Hot Chocolate Bombs With Marshmallows + Variations

  Learn how to make hot chocolate bombs with marshmallows (or without!).  These little treats are fun to make and fun to use, and they make a cute gift for friends.  You can make them traditionally or with other flavor variations depending on your tastes. If you're on TikTok or Instagram, then you've no doubt seen a hot chocolate bomb.  It's a hollow sphere of chocolate filled with hot cocoa mix and sometimes marshmallows or other goodies to make a fun drink. They are inspired by bath bombs, but instead you drop them in hot water or milk to create a delicious cup of hot chocolate. Learn how to make hot chocolate bombs with marshmallows.  Plus get ideas to make different flavor variations.   If you're having a holiday party, set several of these on a try and let your guests choose their favorite flavor to make their hot cocoa.  

Homemade Apple Fruit Leather Recipe From Applesauce (No Sugar)

 Learn how to make homemade apple fruit leather recipe from applesauce.  This is a simple recipe that has no added sugar.  You can use cinnamon if you'd like.  This is a delicious healthy snack for both children and adults. When my kids were little, they loved Fruit by the Foot.  They are expensive and ingredients that I'd rather not give my kids, so they were definitely a sometimes treat. Even now that they are all teens, they still want fruit leather.  Personally, I thought it tasted fake and too sweet, but I digress. This year, we made a lot of applesauce.  I had the dehydrator out, so I thought why not try to make homemade apple fruit leather recipe from applesauce? It looked easy enough, and I know that there's just one ingredient: apples.  I didn't even add any additional sugar, but I did add some cinnamon to one batch. You guys.  It was so good, we ate it before I could take photos.  My husband and I even loved it!   I wasn't sad to make another batch because

23 DIYS to Make Your Home Smell Like Christmas With Essential Oils

Easy ways to make your house smell like Christmas with essential oils. These simple DIYs will make your home smell great this holiday season. Use them when you are entertaining to set the mood. I like having a nice smelling house. Back in the day, I make wax melts and candles and used those to make my home smell good. With three people with allergies and asthma, I've had to switch to essential oils to make my house smell good. I change the scents through the year. In the summer, I use a lot of fruity scents. Now that it's almost Christmas, I'm using winter scents like cinnamon, peppermint, other mints, and earthy essential oils. Using a diffuser is probably the easiest way to use essential oils to make your house smell like Christmas, but that's not the only way. I found the best essential oil DIYs and recipes to make and use for a great smelling house. I use my diffuser the most and also wax melts. I will make a simmer pot if I'm going to be home all da

Easy Apple Cider Sangria Recipe

 Learn how to make an easy apple cider sangria recipe.  You'll love how easy this fall drink recipe is, and your guests will love the unique flavor of this adult beverage. You're hosting a fall party, and you're not sure what to serve for a drink.  If party day at your house means scrambling to get last minute cleaning and food prep done, then this recipe is perfect for you! I enjoying hosting parties, but I dread party day.  I wake up and immediately do last minute cleaning.  Seriously, do elves come in the house and mess it up while I sleep?  I like this recipe because I can make it in the morning and let it chill until I'm ready to serve.  You can prep this in 10 minutes.  Then when you're ready to serve, just take it out of the fridge, add soda, and pour.  Yes, it's that easy.  But your guests will love it!  Every time I make this, people want the recipe.  So it's finally time to share it.

Peppermint Mocha Coffee Creamer Recipe

Learn how to make a peppermint mocha coffee creamer recipe.  This is an easy recipe that can easily be made dairy free or sugar free.  It's delicious in hot or cold brew coffee. I've been making skinny flavored coffees and coffee creamers for a while now, but I didn't think about blogging them until recently.  I wasn't sure if you'd be interested in skinny coffee drinks next to my DIY beauty products, but you most definitely are based on the views and shares they are getting. Today, I have a skinny peppermint mocha coffee creamer recipe.  I also have an Instant Pot pumpkin spice coffee creamer recipe if you're still in PSL season. Since pumpkin spice season is over, it was time to switch to a winter coffee creamer. I love peppermint mochas, so here we are. Like most of my recipes, there are options for this recipe. You can use your choice of milks and sweeteners in this recipe. Your nutrition value will change, but I'll show you how to calculate that

Dollar Tree Pizza Pan Motivational Sign DIY

 Learn how to make a Dollar Tree pizza pan motivational sign DIY for less than $4.  This is actually made with a Dollar Tree pizza pan, and it turned out so cute! Raising a teen daughter is hard, y'all.   I'm raising here to be a strong, independent thinker.  Sure, she loves her dresses, unicorns, and glitter, but she can kick some tushy in karate.   She's like her mother in that we don't like to be told that we can't do something, especially if it's just because we are girls.   Say that to her, and I guarantee you that she will get it done.  And she will probably do it in a dress with her fingernails painted with glitter.  And she won't even disturb her manicure. As she's growing from a little girl to a young woman, I'm trying to surround her with positivity.  I wanted to make her a motivational sign DIY to hang in her room so she always remembers how fierce she really is. Last week when I was in Dollar Tree looking for supplies for a few more craft

How to Make Chocolate Shot Glasses

Learn how to make chocolate shot glasses.  These can be used for hot chocolate, drinks, and desserts.  This also includes several recipes ideas to use with your homemade chocolate shot glasses. For all the occasions you may need to use a shot glass, there are just as many where you can use a chocolate shot glass! Chocolate shot glasses are easy to make, and fun to eat. There are all sorts of recipes and drinks both alcoholic and nonalcoholic that you can use them in. Chocolate shot glasses are great for a variety of occasions. There are tons of ways to use them, and they are always great as cute little snacks or even as treat holders.  Even if you've never made chocolate before, I assure you that this is an incredibly easy way to make chocolate.  You just need a special mold, which we will get to in a bit. These fun little cups are so easy to make, and even more delicious. Following is everything that you will need to get started making your own delicious chocolate shot glasses.

Pumpkin White Hot Chocolate Fall Drink Recipe

 How to make a pumpkin white hot chocolate.  This makes two servings, but it can easily be adapted to make in a slow cooker for a crowd.  This is an easy recipe, and it's absolutely delicious. I've found my new favorite drink!  A pumpkin white hot chocolate.   This is the perfect fall drink for kids or adults.  It's crazy delicious and crazy easy to make.   I adapted the recipe so you can make it for two servings, but you can also double it or even quadruple it to make in a slow cooker for a crowd. If you're serving it to adults, you can make it a boozy pumpkin white hot chocolate with Kahlua or bourbon. Like all of my coffee and drink recipes, this can be sugar free or keto.  You can even make it with a nondairy milk like oat milk or almond milk if you are dairy free.

DIY Dollar Tree Fall Farmhouse Decor (Pizza Pan Sign)

 Learn how to make an adorable DIY Dollar Tree fall decor sign with a pizza pan from the dollar store.  This is a really cute craft that costs just $4 to make.   You know you live in a small town when you're excited that there's a new Dollar Tree!  There's a Dollar Tree in the bigger city, but ours is bigger with some really cool stuff.   Last week, I left the kids at home and headed to Dollar Tree.  It's right beside a good thrift store, and I was on a mission. I was on the hunt for Halloween costume pieces and something to decorate over my mantel.  I like farmhouse signs for that space, so that's what I was looking for. I had some wood at home, but I lucked out and found (almost) everything at Dollar Tree.  I couldn't find flowers I liked, but I did find those at Dollar General for $1 as well.

How to Can Food for Beginners

How to can food for beginners.  If you're new to canning, learn about the terms used for canning, which supplies you need, and everything you need to get started preserving your own food. As more and more families delve into the great culinary process of canning, it becomes increasingly important to know what you are doing before you do it.  In order to get the most out of your recipes, as well as your wallet, you will need to do a bit of research before you jump straight in. My grandparents canned, but my parents didn't.  My dad and stepmom do can a lot now though, and we share jars of food and recipes. My husband and I used to can a lot, but we had been slacking in the last few years.  After last spring when the stores shelves were bare, we decided to can more this year. We planted a garden, and we have a nice orchard with a lot of fruit.  We spent about two weeks canning this year, making jars of fruit, pie fillings, and more.   I feel a lot better knowing that we have food

How to Dehydrate Apples With A Dehydrator

 Learn how to dehydrate apples with a dehydrator to preserve them for later.  Use them as apple chips, or use them in other foods or even crafting. This year, we had a lot of apples!  I'd picked up a food dehydrator a few years ago, but we had never used it.   My husband really wanted some apple chips.  I'm not a fan of apple chips (or so I thought), but we made a full dehydrator full of them. I was wrong.  I am a fan of apple chips when they are homemade. We made both plain dehydrated apple chips and cinnamon apple chips.  Both were amazing, and they were so easy to make. In fact, as soon as we tasted the first batch, we immediately started a second batch!

Canning Ring Wreath (What to Do With Used Canning Rings)

 Learn how to make a cute canning ring wreath with used canning rings.  This adorable wreath is easy and inexpensive, and you can make it for any season. This year, like many rural Americans, I spent weeks canning food.  When I went looking for my boxes of supplies in the basement, I found a box of old rusty rings. I probably put them in a box hoping to make a craft with them, but I never got around to it.  I kept the box on the counter and walked past it several times before an idea came to me. I decided to make a canning ring wreath with my used canning rings.  I needed something for above the fireplace when it's time to take down my Dollar Tree Halloween sugar skull wreath, so I made this in a fall theme. Since I'm cheap and didn't want to drive all the way into the bigger town to a craft store, I hit up Dollar Tree for supplies. Other than the rings, everything is from Dollar Tree, so I'm calling this a Dollar Tree craft.  

Easy Vanilla Chai Tea Latte Recipe With Tea Bag

Enjoy an easy vanilla chai tea latte recipe with tea bag in about 15 minutes.  This recipe is so easy and quick, and you'll save a lot of calories.   Fancy coffee house drinks are a bit of a weakness for me.  A few years ago, I would get a cup one or more times a week when I was out.  If I was out without kids, you could almost guarantee that I'd be stopping at the locally owned coffee shop in town before I headed to the store. As much as I love my drinks, I couldn't keep buying them.  They are expensive, and they are full of calories and sugar.  I've been making my own skinny versions at home, and the taste is amazing.   You guys loved the pumpkin spice latte without coffee recipe that I posted last month, so today I'm bringing you this skinny vanilla chai tea latte recipe. I wanted a recipe that was fairly easy, quick, and didn't require any special equipment (like a milk frother).  After playing with the ingredients for a little bit, I think I've found j

Canned Apple Pie Filling Recipe

 How to make canned apple pie filling and how to use it.  This is a delicious apple pie that makes quick and easy apple pies throughout the year. When the apples are in season, the first thing we make is apple pie filling.  This year, I made 21 quarts.  That may seem like a lot, but I give some to my dad  and to a few friends to trade for some jars of things we don't can.   This canned apple pie filling recipe makes a delicious apple pie or apple crisp.  When you want a homemade pie, just make your crust (or buy one, I won't judge) and dump the quart jar into the crust.  Add a crust on top, and you're done. So making this apple pie filling may take a while now, but you'll save a lot of time later.  Besides, you'll have delicious apple pie filling that tastes better than anything on the shelf at the store!

How to Make an Apple Bird Feeder (Easy DIY For Kids!)

 Learn how to make an apple bird feeder.  This is an easy DIY for kids, and they will love watching the bird come to the feeder to eat. It's officially fall, which means apple season. We still have one more box of apples to process.  After making our food, I admit that I got sick of looking at apples.   I thought why not let the bird enjoy an apple or two?  So we made these easy apple bird feeders. My kids are all teens, but this is so easy that even littles can make them with a little bit of help cutting.   We hung them in a tree outside of the picture window in the living room.  There's a nice big tree there, and the birds really love to eat there because it's fairly secluded. Not only did the kids and I get to watch the birds, but the cats quickly found out that the birds were coming around. The picture window is definitely big enough to accommodate two cats, but that didn't stop a fight for the best spot.   Eventually, they learned that they can share the window and

Homemade Catnip Toy - Easy DIY Toy for Cats

 How to make an easy homemade catnip toy.  This uses a toddler sock, which you can get from Dollar Tree, and makes a cute toy that your cat will love . My kitties are so spoiled.  They used to like catnip from any store until I got them bulk catnip from the bulk store. Now they will only have the bulk organic catnip, thank you very much. As I said, spoiled.   We have two cats.  Carly was a side of the road rescue.  Her momma didn't make it, so we took her in.  We couldn't find her litter mates, so hopefully they had already been rescued. She was separated from her mother too early, so she's an antisocial cat.  She prefers to perch on the back of the chair or high on the cat tower and glare at us, silently judging. Chloe is my son's Siamese mix.  She has a fun personality.  She's always playing and doing crazy cat things.  She's pretty laid back. Chloe will play with a piece of string, a bottle cap, or anything that moves.  She loves these homemade catnip toys, a

How to Make Applesauce With Victorio Food Strainer (Canning Recipe)

Learn how to make applesauce with a Victorio food strainer and how to can it or freeze it.  Using a food strainer, sometimes called a food mill, makes quick work of making delicious homemade applesauce from fresh apples. I've spent the last two weeks canning, and I still have a box of apples left to can.  We made apple juice, applesauce, apple pie filling, and cinnamon apples.   That's just the apples.  We also processed pears, tomatoes, and grape juice this year.  I made some grape jelly, but the rest is canned and ready to make more jelly later. My grandmother made homemade applesauce every year.  She had a Victorio food strainer and sauce maker.  When she stopped making sauces, she sold it to a family friend. One of the first things we bought when we started preserving food was a Victorio food strainer.  They make quick work of making applesauce, pumpkin puree, and other foods for preserving.

Apple Donut Holes Air Fryer Recipe

How to make delicious and easy semi-homemade apple donut holes in an air fryer.  This uses canned apple pie filling and crescent rolls for a quick and easy dessert or snack. We've been up to our eyeballs in apples.  We have a large orchard with several types of apples, so I canned sliced cinnamon apples, apple pie filling, and applesauce. Dakota made a delicious apple pie, and we've been eating applesauce almost every day.  The kids also love this air fryer apple donut holes recipe. This is a semi-homemade recipe.  It's easy enough for my kids to make by themselves. I love that it's air fried, so it has less fat than deep frying.  We do have a deep fryer, but it's kind of a pain to get out and then let cool and clean up the grease splatters. I didn't think we'd use the air fryer that often, but we really love it.  

Sugar Skull Dollar Tree Halloween Wreath DIY

 How to make a sugar skull Dollar Tree Halloween wreath.  With just $4 in supplies, you'll have an adorable and very easy wreath for your front door. I live in a rural area, so the closest Dollar Tree used to be half an hour away.  We got one in the town closest to me last year. It was worth the wait to get a closer store.  It's one of the larger ones in the area, and bigger than the ones in the larger town.   I love going in to see what's new, especially in the seasonal and craft aisles.   This year, it was time to update my Halloween wreath. I live half a mile from the road, so I don't make a wreath for my front door since no one will see it.  Instead, I make wreaths for above my fireplace. My Halloween wreath had seen better days, and this is what I came up with this year.

How to Make Pumpkin Pie Spice From Scratch

Learn how to make pumpkin pie spice from scratch.  Use this in all of your fall and winter recipes, including coffee and desserts. The months between summer and Halloween are best known as pumpkin spice season in my house. During this time I switch to a pumpkin spice coffee creamer, and my family makes all sorts of pumpkin recipes. As such, I go through a lot of pumpkin spice each year, especially as I enjoy baking from scratch. I also make my own homemade coffee creamer with pumpkin spice. Because I go through so much, I like to make my own pumpkin spice from scratch. There are several reasons to make your own pumpkin spice.  Perhaps you’re in the middle of a recipe and you’ve run out, or you just want to save some money.  Following is an easy pumpkin pie  recipe you can make from scratch that is sure to make the season. How to Make Pumpkin Pie Spice From Scratch What is Pumpkin Spice Made Of? There are several spices that you will need to make pumpkin spice, including:  ginger clove