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Thursday, July 21, 2022

Alcohol Infused Candy Recipes + Crown Royal Peach Soaked Peach Rings

Learn how to make alcohol infused candy for a unique and delicious treat to serve at your next party.  Peach Crown Royal recipes like these soaked peach rings are very easy to make the morning of your party or the night before.

Alcohol Infused Candy Peach Rings

Have you tried alcohol infused candy recipes?  It's not something I make often, but it's fun for summer parties.  

We had several people over for a party a few weeks ago, and these Crown Royal Peach soaked peach rings were a big hit!

They are so easy to make, but you do need to soak them for at least 10 hours.  I make them the night before and let them soak.

Although Peach Crown Royal recipes are always a big hit at summer parties, I also have some ideas for the best candy to soak in alcohol for more recipes.

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Can Alcohol Infused Candy Get You Drunk?

The candy does absorb alcohol, so yes, alcohol soaked candy can get you drunk.  It's a smaller amount than you'd get from a cocktail or shot, but still be responsible.

Alcohol infused candy recipes are just for adults 21 and over or whatever the legal age is in your area.  For a non-alcoholic idea, try this gummy bear mocktail.

Can You Soak Candy in Alcohol?

Yes, and it's delicious!  The best candy to soak in alcohol are gummy candies and other soft candies.  If you soak something hard, like a Jolly Rancher, it will dissolve in the alcohol.  Try this Jolly Rancher cocktail recipe to use these fruity candies.  

The dissolved candy gives the alcohol that flavor, which can be good.  But we're going for alcohol infused candy here.

What Candy is Good With Alcohol?

If you want alcohol soaked candy, then look for gummy candies because they won't dissolve in the alcohol.

You can use your choice of alcohol and gummy candy.  I have some combinations of alcohol infused candy recipes below to get you started.

Alcohol Infused Candy Recipes

Here are other candy varieties to try and a good alcohol to pair it with:

What Do You Do With The Alcohol From Alcohol Infused Candy?

The gummy candy will absorb some alcohol, but you'll be left with some liquid.  Don't waste it!  

You can drain off the infused alcohol and reserve it.  Use it for more alcohol infused candy recipes or use it in mixed drinks.  The alcohol takes on some of the flavor of the candy, so it will kick up the flavor a notch.

You can also serve the alcohol infused candy in souffle cups and serve the candy in the cup.  Then you can drink the infused alcohol as a shot.

Can You Soak Peach Rings in Alcohol?

Yes!  Peach rings are among the best candy to soak in alcohol.  They have a delicious peach flavor, so I soaked them in Crown Royal Peach.  

I also used Crown Peach to make a peach slush with alcohol.

Is Crown Royal Peach a Seasonal Item?

Crown Royal Peach used to be a limited edition summer product, but Crown Royal said that it's now aa permanent addition to their line.  

To be honest, I only buy a bottle every few years, so I really don't know if it's available in the summer or all year.  One bottle will make many peach Crown Royal recipes, so I usually keep it in the cabinet.

How Long Do You Soak Peach Rings in Alcohol?

Plan to soak the peach rings for at least 10 hours to make alcohol soaked candy.  I let mine soak overnight for better flavor.

Peach Ring Alcohol Soaked Candy Peach Rings

I used Crown Royal Peach and peach rings, but you can use the candy and alcohol listed above to make your alcohol infused candy.

How to Make Crown Royal Peach Soaked Peach Rings

Step #1

Place the peach rings into condiment cups.  You can fit 2-3 peach rings per cup, depending on the brand of peach ring and the cup size.

Step #2

Pour the Crown Royal peach over the peach rings.

Step #3

Let the peach rings soak for at least 10 hours.  The longer they soak, the more whiskey they absorb.  You can let them soak overnight.  

Enjoy these peach Crown Royal recipes responsibly and keep out of reach of children.

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