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Tuesday, February 7, 2023

Strawberry Pudding Shots Recipe

These strawberry pudding shots are a delicious adult dessert recipe.  Use them for a Valentine's Day drink idea or enjoy them any time of the year.  They are easy to make ahead of time, and your guests will love them!  I also have directions to make them non alcoholic.

Strawberry Baileys Pudding Shots

I made some pudding shots over the holidays, and they were a big hit.  I wanted a pink recipe for Valentine's Day drink ideas, so I decided to make strawberry dessert shots.

Pudding shots are easy to make, and you can store them in the fridge for a few days.  I like that I can make them before a party and don't have to fuss with making things in the evening when I'm tired.

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What Are Strawberry Dessert Shots?

Strawberry pudding shots are a delicious treat you can easily make at home. You make them using pudding mix and other drinks and ingredients thus making a tastier, creamier dessert option. 

They have the consistency and texture of pudding, so they need to be served in a small cup.  

They are very popular as Valentine’s day drink ideas and are a great treat to have during the Valentine's day season. 

How Do You Eat Pudding Shots?

Pudding shots are typically eaten with a spoon, unlike Jello shots which can be eaten with your tongue only.

Strawberry milkshake pudding shots are eaten in shot glass size cups, but for this recipe I recommend using condiment cups

If you want to get really fancy, serve them in chocolate shot glasses.  Learn how to make chocolate shot glasses with a special mold.

I also like using small wooden spoons to serve them with.  They are cute, and they fit inside the small cups easier than a regular sized spoon.

What Are Strawberry Milkshake Pudding Shots Made Of?

You can easily make strawberry milkshake pudding shots using Baileys strawberries and cream, strawberry shake pudding mix, and a whipped topping of your choices.

I also have some variations below to customize your recipe.

Should You Freeze Or Refrigerate Pudding Shots?

When you make your strawberry pudding shots, place them in the fridge to set up.  There's no need to freeze them since the pudding sets up quickly.

If you are not going to be eating them right away, it is recommended that you either freeze or refrigerate your pudding shots until you are ready. 

Why Didn’t My Pudding Shots Set?

Typically, if your pudding shots did not set, it might be because of the alcohol content of the drink you are using. Alcoholic beverages surpassing 80 proof can prevent pudding shots from setting properly. 

Consider using a beverage with a lower proof to help your shots set up, or you might add in more whipped topping.

How To Make Non Alcoholic Strawberry Pudding Shots

To make non-alcoholic strawberry pudding shots shots, you just need to use a non-alcoholic beverage in lieu of the Baileys. For instance, you might use another strawberry beverage, or any drink you feel would be good in the recipe.

Strawberry Pudding Shots Variations

Pudding shots are popular valentine's day drink ideas due to their tastiness and how they are easy to make. By making non-alcoholic pudding shots you can enjoy them more often, or at different times of day.

There are a few variations to this strawberry pudding shots recipe that you can take advantage of. Each one lets you make a different flavor combination of your choosing that works great in tandem with strawberry dessert shots or on their own.

  • Use cheesecake pudding for strawberry cheesecake pudding shots.  
  • Use white chocolate pudding for white chocolate strawberry pudding shots.
  • I like to use Bailey's Strawberries and Cream, but you can also use unflavored vodka.
  • Use Smirnoff Strawberry Vodka in place of the Baileys.
  • If you use unflavored vodka, you can use strawberry milk in place of the milk.

How Long Do Pudding Shots Last?

If properly stored in a sealed container, these strawberry baileys pudding shots can last up to four days. If you store them on their own, without being covered, they will only last for about two days.

You can also freeze pudding shots for up to three months.  I recommend adding the decorations after thawing.

Strawberry Baileys Pudding Shots Ingredients

Here's what you need:

How to Make Strawberry Pudding Shots

Step One 

In a mixing bowl, combine milk, pudding mix, and Baileys.

Step Two

Then, add in your whipped topping by slowly stirring it in.

Step Three

Transfer your mixture into condiment cups.

Step Four

Garnish your pudding shots with Valentine’s sprinkles.

I hope you love these strawberry dessert shots!  You may also like this strawberry colada recipe.

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