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Wednesday, April 5, 2023

S'mores Pudding Shots Recipe

Learn how to make a delicious s'more pudding shots recipe at home.  These are perfect for summer parties, and you can make the with or without alcohol for a fun dessert.  

S'mores Pudding Shots Recipe

Last fall and winter, I made some pudding shots for parties, and they were a hit!  I wanted a summer themed one, so I made s'mores shot recipe.

Pudding shots are always a hit at parties.  They are easy to make, and you can make them ahead of time.

This s'mores pudding shot recipe can also be adapted to be a chocolate pudding shot.  You can also make it family friendly by omitting the alcohol.

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What Are Pudding Shots Made Of?

This chocolate pudding shots recipe is made out of standard pudding mix but, instead of just milk, alcohol is also used to make the recipe. 

As for the specific ingredients, those will vary depending on the recipe and your personal preference.  I have some variations below.

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How Much Alcohol Is In A Shot Of Pudding?

The amount of alcohol in your baileys chocolate pudding shots will ultimately depend on what type of alcohol you use in the recipe. For instance, you can choose to use a drink with a lower alcohol content if you wish.

Regardless, it is important that you should always consume these pudding shots responsibly. Further, they are definitely still alcoholic so keep them away from children. 

Should You Freeze Or Refrigerate Pudding Shots?

For either short term or long term storage, you can choose to refrigerate or freeze your baileys chocolate pudding shots.

How Do You Eat a Pudding Shot? 

Eating these baileys chocolate pudding shots is the best part, and they can be enjoyed rather rapidly after making them. 

You can pour the pudding shots into condiment cups or disposable shot glasses and use a spoon to eat them just like you would with regular pudding. 

You can also learn how to make chocolate shot glasses and serve the pudding shots in those.

I like to use these small wooden spoons.  They are inexpensive, and they are biodegradable.

Why Didn’t My Pudding Shots Set?

One of the primary reasons as to why your pudding shot recipes may not have set is because the alcohol content of your drinks are too high. 

If your pudding shots are having a hard time setting, consider switching to an alcohol with a lower alcoholic volume, or using less and adding more milk. 

For this reason, it's important not to increase the amount of alcohol in the recipe.

How Do You Thicken Pudding Shots

For thicker pudding shot recipes, you can choose to use either a little bit less liquid in the recipe or use more whipped topping to thicken the whole mixture up.

How Long Will Pudding Shots Last?

If stored properly, such as in the fridge, these pudding shot recipes will last around three to five days on average. 

I recommend adding the garnish just before serving for best results.

How to Make Chocolate Pudding Shots 

To make standard chocolate pudding shot recipes, simply omit the graham crackers and marshmallows as a garnish. You can choose whether or not to keep the Hershey bar garnish as well.

How To Make Non Alcoholic S'mores Pudding Shots 

To make non-alcoholic s’mores pudding shots, all you have to do is replace the alcohol in the recipe with milk.

S'mores Shot Recipe Variations 

There are a few ways that you can customize this smores shot recipe to your preferences. For instance, there are tons of pudding mixes that you can use such as vanilla, dark chocolate, peanut butter chocolate, and more.

Further, you can omit or add to the garnish to customize the taste and presentation of the pudding shot. 

S'more Pudding Shot Recipe Ingredients

Following are all the ingredients that you will need to learn how to make this delicious Baileys s'mores pudding shots recipe.

  • 8 Ounces whipped topping
  • 1/4 cup of Chocolate Vodka
  • 1/4 cup of Baileys
  • 1/2 cup of Milk
  • 1 3-ounce Box Chocolate Pudding Mix
  • Crumbled Graham Crackers
  • Mini Hershey Chocolate Bars
  • Mini Marshmallows (use fresh or freeze dried marshmallows)
  • Condiment Cups

How To Make S'mores Pudding Shots With Bailey's

Step One

To start, combine the chocolate vodka, Bailey’s, mulk, and pudding mix into a larger mixing bowl.

Step Two

Then, slowly stir in the whipped topping, mixing gently.

Step Three

Once everything is all mixed up, transfer the baileys pudding shots into condiment cups.

Step Four

Garnish the baileys pudding shots with graham cracker crumbs, Hershey bars, and mini marshmallows.

Enjoy!  I hope you love these s'mores pudding shots as much as I do!

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